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[meta] tracking bug of crashes with NVIDIA cards


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It is a tracking bug of all the crashes with NVIDIA cards.
Depends on: 584821, 584814, 584802
I was already using bug 571756 for this purpose, I even renamed it... ok to close as duplicate?
Attaching latest version of my PCI ids list.

OK to use this as general NVIDIA tracking bug.

The nvwgf2um.dll crashes are already handled in bug 571756. I don't know the complete list of NVIDIA DLL's.
Search for nvidia crashes:

This confirms that nvwgf2um.dll is the top crash DLL, the others are (by decreasing order):
Filed bug 606262 about crash on D3D10 device creation.
Depends on: 603350
Depends on: 595928
Depends on: 611944
Depends on: 612103
Depends on: 612125
Depends on: 612124
Depends on: 612105
Depends on: 612120
Depends on: 606200
Depends on: 606225
Depends on: 626213
Depends on: 626212
Depends on: 626475
just as a heads up, many reports that appear to be caused by drivers, are usually a global misconfiguration of the system firefox is being run on.

If a driver works on one computer but not another where both use the same parts, the only causation is the computer with issues is not configured properly, and ever since Vista this has been the case with nvidia drivers not liking memory running out of spec timings or voltages, and on another seperate case, Realtek Sound(or creative sound) or network drivers causing long detection and response latency.

I set computers up all the time and the only case of instability has been where the owner has post setup, taken it to some Cowboy computer shop thats reset all the bios settings and left timings at optimal rather than spec configuration.
No longer depends on: 584821
Depends on: 637618
Keywords: crash
OS: Windows 7 → All
Hardware: x86 → All
Depends on: 711390
Please excuse the interjection, but there doesn't seem to be a more appropriate place to add the following info.

I think it's worth noting that users experiencing display driver crashes should refer to the Nvidia forum. The 290.53 drivers (and presumably newer) contain the first attempts to fix such issues. These drivers will not fix the problem for everyone. If you keep having trouble, refer to the following posts on the Nvidia forum for troubleshooting steps and bug report instructions:
Depends on: 735791
Depends on: 756427
No longer depends on: 756427
Depends on: 756427
Depends on: 777963
Depends on: 779852
Depends on: 823077
Depends on: 828911
Depends on: 679859, 741105, 763585, 806786
Depends on: 829508
Depends on: 829905
Depends on: 832212
Depends on: 878434
Depends on: 891542
Has this bug been abandoned in favor of a different bug report?
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Keywords: meta
(In reply to Wayne Mery (:wsmwk, use Needinfo for questions) from comment #8)
> Has this bug been abandoned in favor of a different bug report?

I don't know as I'm new to the Graphics team. However I would assume so given the lack of activity here.
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Depends on: 1208851
Duplicate of this bug: 611606
Summary: tracking bug of crashes with NVIDIA cards → [meta] tracking bug of crashes with NVIDIA cards
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