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(Babylon) [meta] Babylon bugs


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This is a meta bug to help keep track of bugs related to Babylon software (
Depends on: 766877, 721264, 782706
Depends on: 786288
Alias: Babylon
Depends on: 786233
Depends on: 787326
Blocks: 788353
Please email me if Firefox will be sending out a fix to Uninstall the Babylon Toolbar that has taken over my homepage. As this software effects the use of Firefox why hasn't your company contacted Babylon and made them fix this problem.
We are in contact with Babylon and they are fixing their bugs. If you have the latest version of their toolbar, you should be able to uninstall their software and all of the settings should go back to their previous values.
Why does this block bug #788353?  Should not this depend on that bug?
It could go either way. The idea is that we would block it if these dependencies weren't resolved. They should be, for the most part, though we haven't verified them yet.
Depends on: 797541
Depends on: 767706
Depends on: 806315
Depends on: 806319
Depends on: 807923
Depends on: 816762
Depends on: 833313
Depends on: 837830
No longer blocks: 788353
Depends on: 788353
Mass-closing bugs that relate to legacy versions of add-ons or are otherwise no longer worth tracking. Please comment if you think this bug should be reopened.

Sorry for the bugspam. Made you look, though!
Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
Component: Add-ons → General
Product: Tech Evangelism → WebExtensions
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