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[tracker] KTLO Chapter One


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The front of the brochures are always bright. Pictures of people with smiles just a little too forced and some new brand name like Evolex or Xoral. The first half of the inside flap is full of promises: run faster, swim further, lift more weight, improve your reflexes. The list goes on.

Below that the friendly warnings start. There are always warnings. "Talk to our professionals today to build your customized reaction plan." "Talk to your family before beginning any new programs." "Be patient. Even assisted evolution takes time."
The rest of the brochure is potential side effects in the smallest font they can print.

It's nothing new.  

I toss the brochure in the nearest trash can and walk across the subway platform to check the arrival times while doing my best to seem casual.  To seem like I hadn't just stolen these clothes.  Like that twitch in my left eye is totally normal.  Like I'm just one more guy in a suit heading downtown to work.

Eleven more minutes.
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