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Enable new frontend in browser console


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Once the new frontend is loaded in an HTML document, we should have the browser console use it.

Note that the browser console, via hudservice, relies on a xul window to persist the width/height of the window.  So we will probably need to add a file like browser-console.xul that has a full width/height iframe pointing to webconsole.html, and then have hudservice load the xul file.
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I'm going to start looking into this since it seems like it's also going to require some changes to better support top-level HTML windows. For example here are some of the things I've noticed so far:

* persisting the width/height of the window after the user resizes it and then closes/reopens
* injecting top level menu items
* supporting context menu
* possibly commandDispatcher support (or removing the need for it in places like

A workaround option would be to keep webconsole.xul but have it load a 100% width/height iframe pointing to webconsole.html. That seems like a pretty reasonable first step if we fix the other blockers of this bug but haven't worked out solutions to the above list.
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Summary: Enable new console in browser console → Enable new frontend in browser console
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Bug 1362023 - Enable new frontend in the Browser Console unconditionally;

yay :)
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Enable new frontend in the Browser Console unconditionally;r=nchevobbe
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