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[meta] - tracking bug for manifest cleanup


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Henrietta- would you like me to file the next round of bugs?  It depends if the team wants more practice.
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Priority: -- → P3
@Joel: sure, feel free to file the new bugs. Thank you!
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(In reply to Joel Maher ( :jmaher ) (UTC-4) from comment #4)
> I have filed bugs for osx 10.6 (1 remaining):
> 6&case=false&regexp=false&path=*.ini
> and for winxp:
> 1&case=false&regexp=false&path=*.ini
> there is a lot more keywords to remove:
> b2g:*.ini
> 12.04:*.ini
> win8:*.ini
> and then some work on the *.list format

Can you paste the bugs here so we can work on them?
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I just need to get an hour of focus time to create the bugs
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I added a series of bugs, it won't cover everything, but will get us closer:

some remaining:*.ini

there is a lot more keywords to remove:

I imagine we will need a couple followup bugs to get things fully wrapped up.

There are other things I am sure we can cleanup related to older android versions, osx 32 bit, different versions of windows 10, and stylo.  e10s will be able to clean up in a couple more months when we stop running tests on non-e10s.
an example of olde rwindows 10 is "10.0.10240"
(In reply to Joel Maher ( :jmaher ) (UTC-4) from comment #9)

> I suspect a few more cases, let me dig a bit more next week.

Sure, let us know when you have filed the bugs.
Depends on: 1475194
I think we have done enough for now.
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