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[meta] Implement Microsoft Exchange


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(Keywords: meta)

Meta bug to track the implementation effort to fully support Microsoft Exchange, including authentication, email, calendar, and contacts.

Depends on: tb-ms-oauth2
See Also: → 134763
See Also: → 1846203
Keywords: meta
Depends on: 1859645
Depends on: 1859653
Depends on: 1859654
Depends on: 1859656
Depends on: 1859859
Depends on: 1860333
Depends on: 1860334
Depends on: 1860335
Depends on: 1868369
Depends on: 1868370
Depends on: 1868655
Depends on: 1876553

I'm posting this here because I'm not sure where else to mention this and don't see anything specific to "EWS Support" in an issue.

I've seen several articles recently about Thunderbird working to implement Exchange support using EWS.

EWS is deprecated for Exchange Online and will be blocked starting October 1, 2026.
84% of exchange mailboxes are in the cloud vs on-premises based on the latest Statista information

Is implementing EWS support the correct way to enable Exchange Online mailboxes today?
Are you looking at Graph API instead?

At present, EWS is our best way to enable support for both Exchange Online and on-premise installations.

Graph API has been considered and may be considered again in future, but it currently provides narrower support than EWS and lacks some functionality for desktop applications. Even with the announcement that EWS support will be removed for Exchange Online, it's still valuable in the short term for enabling access for a wide userbase and in the long term for supporting users using on-premise installations.

No longer depends on: 1859654
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