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Unprefix IndexedDB


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So if this lands, should I use something like db.mozCreateFile() in writable files patch ?
Yeah. And we should moz-prefix getAll.

However I don't think we should fix this bug at least until our error handling has improved to match that of the spec.
About getAll : I use it
About get All :

I use it in production, in a real world application (used by more than 1000 people), and it proved to be a really useful method.
It's both really fast (compared to cursor iteration) and very handy.

I would definitely advocate keeping it, whether it will be in the spec one day or not.

Just my 2 cents... thanks.
Maxime: No-one is suggesting we remove it. I'm just saying we should prefix it until it's in spec.
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You need to prefix getAll and getAllKeys at the same time too.
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I don't think we should prefix those methods.  There's only one reasonable thing they can do, so I don't think we're constraining the future spec in any meaningful way by doing this.
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(In reply to Kyle Huey [:khuey] ( from comment #8)

I'm with sicking on this. It's unlikely, but something like switching the order of the two optional args could happen. Or something we can't predict. And we should set a good example.
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I'm still not thrilled about this, but here's the patch.
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r=me, but we should only check this in once all dependencies are fixed.
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Unfortunately I had to backout bug 758357 due to it causing bug 770085, so I assume that Jonas' requirement that all dependencies be fixed before we ship this are now no longer upheld...
All pages of doc have been unprefixed long ago + info up-to-date on
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