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[Meta] bugs found during Thunderbird 17 testing


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Please mark bugs found the Thunderbird 17 test days as blocking these bugs.
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Hi, regarding the testing underway this week, I have encountered a deviation from your expected results in the "Install, shutdown, uninstall" section of the test. I am using Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit. 

On launching Earlybird for the first time I receive the "Know your rights" notification in the notification bar, with a button to either close the notification or look at the rights page. Clicking on the rights page displays rights information in a new tab as you'd expect. The expected results in the test however say that on closing Earlybird and re-launching it, this tab should no longer appear, which is not the case on my system: the tab persists across launches of Earlybird unless it is manually closed. Note that the notification itself *doesn't* reappear.
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Just runned into very old bug when using TB 17, bug 414865.
It's mainly visible on windows installs since default setup on win is not to show file extensions. See if it fits here.

Short version is.
1. Right click on attachment / Save As / change attachment name to anything you want, just don't leave it as it is.
2. Saved attachment will loose it's extension.

Default behaviour should be to save attachment with existing extension if user didn't enter new extension at filename end.
This is a meta bug only. So please look if your problem is covered in any existing bug and if yes then link it here. Otherwise create a new bug and make it block this one, thanks.
No longer depends on: 792381
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No longer depends on: 844432
Summary: Meta bug for Thunderbird 17 → [Meta] bugs found during Thunderbird 17 testing
This has finished serving its purpose of aiding the TB17 rollout
Closed: 7 years ago
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