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Tracking bug for Lightning 6.2 release (Thunderbird 60)


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Lightning 6.2
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(Depends on 1 open bug)


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Meta bug for tracking 6.1

TB 59 goes to beta (= string freeze) at 2018-01-15.

I'm not carrying over any not fixed leftover blocking bug 1312113 automatically - this should be subject to an individual evaluation (to whether it is both, wanted and a reasonable target).
Depends on: 1299610
Depends on: 463402
If you make bugs block this meta bug, which need string changes, please add [has l10n impact] to the whiteboard of these bugs, so we could track all blocking bugs required until string freeze by this query:
Depends on: 1411010
Depends on: 1396639
Depends on: 1302487
Depends on: 1399842
Depends on: 1414621
The next ESR version has been changed from 59 to 60, so we need to track changes for 6.2 here.
Alias: ltn61 → ltn62
Summary: Tracking bug for Lightning 6.1 release → Tracking bug for Lightning 6.2 release
Depends on: 1424350
Depends on: 1409560
Depends on: 719351
Depends on: 1324454
Depends on: 356002
Depends on: 321434
Depends on: 393084
Depends on: 1437405
Depends on: 1438452
Depends on: 1439182
Depends on: 1433802
Depends on: 758493
Depends on: 1446748
Depends on: 1444069
No longer depends on: 1448550
Depends on: 1447170
Depends on: 1451763
No longer depends on: 1447830
Depends on: 1101381
Depends on: 1454841
Depends on: 1406499
FYI I think we are roughly two weeks away from releasing Thunderbird version 60.
Depends on: 1468069
Depends on: 1470609
Depends on: 1471850
No longer depends on: 1444069
Summary: Tracking bug for Lightning 6.2 release → Tracking bug for Lightning 6.2 release (Thunderbird 60)
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Restore Calendar printing. r=philipp
Closed: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Grrr, that patch had the wrong bug number :-(
Resolution: FIXED → ---
Depends on: 1478580
Depends on: 1479449
Depends on: 1480371
Depends on: 1481790
Any news concerning this new version? Thunderbird is update now on many platforms (60), and lightning doesn't work anymore :(
@jonathanmm: I agree it is insane, having Lightning unreleased when TB got already autoupdated on major platforms!

So far, I'm using with just one bug - the Google Calendar provider always asks me for new 2FA login on each startup.

@[:MakeMyDay]: I see there are still some unresolved bugs this one depends on, but none of them really seems to be a blocker for releasing "at least something". Or am I wrong?
Lightning 6.2 has been released with TB60 back in August. That it's not on ATN (fomerly AMO) is tracked in bug 1484532, which lists also possible workarounds. It is _not_ recommended to use beta version mentioned in comment 8, since it still has a lot of subsequently fixed bugs. If you need a more detailed receipe to extract Lightning from the TB pacakge, see bug 1074268.

That you seem to have no (localized) Lightning compatible to TB60 this is a packaging issue of your Linux distribution of choice, since the official packages at [1] includes a localized Lightning (since TB38). Also that you received an autoupdate is driven by your distribution - we have no control about that.

The remaining not resolved bugs were blocker candidates but didn't effectively block the release. Maybe we still can backport fixes for that once landed throughout the ESR60 life cycle.

I'm going to close this bug now since 6.2 has been released, but leave the blockers as is, since they are uplift candidates as mentioned before.

Closed: 6 years ago6 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Version: unspecified → Lightning 6.2
@[:MakeMyDay] Thanks for pointing in the right direction, I haven't found that bug.
No longer depends on: 1302487
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