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key event tracking bug


(Core :: DOM: UI Events & Focus Handling, defect, P3)






(Reporter: akkzilla, Assigned: Brade)


(Depends on 1 open bug)


(Keywords: helpwanted)

This is a tracking bug for all the bugs we hope to fix on the
Adding the list of bugs.
Depends on: 14465
current status of some of these bugs:
 -  3821 linux enter/return mapped alike (needs testing)
 -  5303 windows control-# not working (needs testing)
 -  6053 windows keyboard layout mapping bug (possibly fixed?)
 -  6449 windows alt-key (possibly fixed)
 -  9333 windows alt-key (possibly fixed)
 - 10511 mac (all?) crash when closing editor with keybinding (not expected to be
fixed on the branch)
 - 10901 windows dead keys not working (possibly fixed)
 - 11083 windows ime in edit fields (unknown; possibly fixed??)
 - 11818 all xul defining of "moz" key (deferred; not planned to fix on branch)
 - 11845 windows changing keyboard layout (fixed)
 - 11911 linux key navigation of menus (unknown)
 - 11956 windows keypress events not generated (possibly fixed)
 - 12356 xul menus not consuming key events (not planned to fix on branch)
 - 12379 windows (?) enter and return don't send keydowns (possibly fixed??)

more in a bit...
probably fixed:
 - 13016 windows altgr key
Blocks: 16127
Depends on: 16544
Target Milestone: M18
setting to M18, since this is a tracking bug
Depends on: 9088
No longer blocks: 16127
Blocks: 17907
No longer blocks: 17907
Adding bug 36665, since it's very similar to bug 14368 ... stop me if I'm wrong.
Depends on: ? 36665
No longer depends on: ?
Depends on: ?
No longer depends on: ? 36665
two of the dependency bugs are marked future, a couple more are marked m16 and 
another couple are marked m21, setting this to m21, when the m21 bugs are fixed, 
will mark this as fixed and will not track futures at that point
Target Milestone: M18 → M21
Target Milestone: M21 → Future
adding help wanted keyword
Keywords: helpwanted
Mass update:  changing qacontact to
QA Contact: janc → ckritzer
Updating QA Contact.
QA Contact: ckritzer → lorca
Depends on: ? 36665
No longer depends on: ?
Reassigning QA Contact for all open and unverified bugs previously under Lorca's
care to Gerardo as per phone conversation this morning.
QA Contact: lorca → gerardok
QA contact updated
QA Contact: gerardok → madhur
QA Contact: madhur → rakeshmishra
QA Contact: rakeshmishra → trix
old tracking bug, all tracked out closing, see previous comments.
Closed: 16 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Component: Event Handling → User events and focus handling
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