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[Meta] Prepare Tab Candy for beta4


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(Keywords: meta)

Now that we have our initial landing (bug 574217), we need to do the various things we wanted to get done before beta4. Block this bug with appropriate bugs. 

We should probably triage all of the Tab Candy component, but we can start with any bugs that are dependent on 574217. Also check out Aza's recent "state of Tab Candy" email (from Wednesday night) for other bits.
Depends on: 574875
Depends on: 586721
Depends on: 585855
Depends on: 586777
Depends on: 586814
Depends on: 586818
Depends on: 586712
Depends on: 586685
Depends on: 586719
Depends on: 586826
Depends on: 586455
From the email:

  A couple specifics:    
  - straightening out themeing issues (move JS-driven CSS to static
    files, and remaining /content vs /theme splits)
  - removal of commented out code, "TODO"s without bugs on file
  - various minor style conventions and formatting nits.
Depends on: 586549
Depends on: 586834
"Tab Candy" is now "TabView" and/or "Tab Sets" ?
bug 583044
Depends on: 586958
Depends on: 586968
Depends on: 586943
Depends on: 586843
Depends on: 586971
No longer depends on: 586943
Depends on: 581820
Depends on: 586959
Depends on: 586992
Depends on: 586995
Depends on: 587029
Depends on: 587053
Depends on: 587054
Depends on: 587062
Depends on: 587050
No longer depends on: 587054
Depends on: 587039
Depends on: 587068
No longer depends on: 587062
No longer depends on: 587050
No longer depends on: 586995
No longer depends on: 586971
No longer depends on: 586992
No longer depends on: 586843
No longer depends on: 586968
No longer depends on: 586959
No longer depends on: 587053
Mass moving all Tab Candy bugs from Mozilla Labs to Firefox::Tab Candy.  Filter the bugmail spam with "tabcandymassmove".
Product: Mozilla Labs → Firefox
Target Milestone: -- → ---
Depends on: 587158
Depends on: 587187
Depends on: 586971
Depends on: 586992
Depends on: 587922
Keywords: meta
QA Contact: tabcandy → tabcandy
Depends on: 587990
Depends on: 588394
Any status on this? Beta 4 is out and this isn't fixed, so should the fixed bugs be left on this and other bugs block another beta 5 bug? Or perhaps better just use the target milestone and track bugs instead of having this sort of meta bug that needs updating for each milestone.
can someone add bug 590563 ?
I agree with Mardak: let's use target milestones to track bugs for beta releases. Closing this as WONTFIX and removing sub-bugs which have not yet closed.
Closed: 9 years ago
No longer depends on: 586455, 586549, 586685, 586818, 587187, 587990, 588394
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
Product: Firefox → Firefox Graveyard
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