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convert top level <window> to <html> throughout the Thunderbird code base


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Bug 1572062 converted the 3pane. For the most part styling has been adjusted already, and other preparations are now in place.

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convert mail/base/content/messageWindow.xhtml to top level <html>. r=henry
convert mail/components/compose/content/messengercompose.xhtml to top level <html>. r=henry

Closed: 3 months ago
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Keywords: leave-open
Resolution: FIXED → ---
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adjust how height is calculated in mail/test/browser/folder-display/browser_openingMessages.js. rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
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convert mail/components/addrbook/content/addressbook.xhtml to top level <html>. r=henry
convert mail/components/preferences/preferences.xhtml to top level <html>. r=henry

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Fix the Preference's font size after the HTML conversion. r=aleca

Regressions: 1712535
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followup: move closing MOZ_OPENPGP to right position. r=henry

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Convert mail/components/downloads/content/aboutDownloads.xhtml to top level <html>. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD

Is it planned to include feed-subscriptions.xhtml in this party?

My plan is to convert them all, but do it after 91 since there's not a huge rush and it can take time to weed out regressions, which have been subtle but annoying.

@alta88 do you have a phabricator account? Did the conversion, but can't have you review without it.

I don't, the 2FA stuff was disinviting given no usage anymore.

I noticed the layout of this dialog was rather messed up, so fixed it in the process.

It is still rather messed up, with some accumulated regressions along the way. Things that should be done here:

  1. Eliminate the platform specific css (one exception for osx only).
  2. The #selectFolder menu padding/margin has to be adjusted so the detail box doesn't jump when moving from folder to feed item in the tree.
  3. No need for #contentPane margin.
  4. Initial dialog (without persisted xulStore dimensions) is too small; tree is only 2 rows high.
  5. It would be better to use html elements (except tree and menu) and grid/flex model for the detail info box.
  6. themeableDialog doesn't seem to have the dark theme blue for checkbox/radio elements; it either should or maybe preferences.css can be included.

This change
breaks the ability to build with MOZ_UPDATER disabled. That will affect Linux distros. To fix this, we added

   <script defer="defer" src="chrome://messenger/content/aboutDialog-appUpdater.js"></script>
+  <script defer="defer">
+    var { Services } = ChromeUtils.import("resource://gre/modules/Services.jsm");
+    var { XPCOMUtils } = ChromeUtils.import(
+      "resource://gre/modules/XPCOMUtils.jsm"
+    );
+  </script>

Essentially you get XPCOMUtils undefined later on. You may choose to do it some other way.

Regressions: 1719336
No longer regressions: 1719336
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