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[tracker] Affiliates 2.0


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In 2014 we'll undertake a redesign of A full description of this work is TBD. This bug will track the effort.
OS: Mac OS X → All
Hardware: x86 → All
Depends on: 958701
Depends on: 958704
Depends on: revision-txt
Blocks: 711635
Target Milestone: --- → 5
Depends on: grey-color
Depends on: 962813
No longer depends on: improve-alt-text
No longer depends on: track-real-downloads
No longer depends on: no-db-banner-links
No longer depends on: whitespace-website
No longer depends on: revision-txt
No longer depends on: newsletter-formats
No longer depends on: leaderboard-query++
No longer depends on: grey-color
No longer depends on: data-model-update
No longer depends on: fx-update-banners
Depends on: 976225
Depends on: 976227
Depends on: 976229
Depends on: 976230
Depends on: 976231
Depends on: 976237
Depends on: 976761
Depends on: 976762
Depends on: 976768
Depends on: 976774
Depends on: 976778
Depends on: 976780
Depends on: 976782
Depends on: 976794
Depends on: 976795
Depends on: 976798
Depends on: 976799
Depends on: 976801
Depends on: 976804
Depends on: 976809
Depends on: 977850
Depends on: 981069
Depends on: 981070
Depends on: 981072
Alias: affiliates-2.0
Summary: [tracker] Affiliates Redesign → [tracker] Affiliates 2.0
Depends on: 993091
We've discussed this in weekly meetings and with various stakeholders, but it's worth mentioning here: The affiliates 2.0 launch slipped a bit, but not a lot. We're getting close. The timeline on the wiki has the latest details:
The development environment for Affiliates 2.0 is live!
Depends on: 1000357
Update: We're still on track! That means we're still aiming to launch on 2014-05-15!

Today marks the official handoff of the Affiliates development site to any and all reviewers. The site is at 

Please file bugs blocking this one, cc: me and Osmose and craigcook. We will prioritize bugs affecting functionality, but we're glad to hear about anything that needs adjustment.
Depends on: 1004622
Depends on: 1005197
Depends on: 1005913
The new Affiliates site has been staged and we're still anticipating a 2014-05-15 launch:
Depends on: 1008999
Depends on: 1009346
Due to some last-minute bugs and changes, we are pushing launch to 2014-05-21 (Wednesday). The schedule has been updated:
:psiinon, are the 4 blocking bugs you added above truly blocking launch of Affiliates 2.0? if so, can you cc: :hoosteeno and :osmose on them?
Flags: needinfo?(sbennetts)
Flags: needinfo?(sbennetts)
2.0 has been live for quite some time. Closing this one out.
Closed: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Product: Firefox Affiliates → Firefox Affiliates Graveyard
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