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meta - list of firefox mac specific issues


(Firefox :: General, defect)

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(Reporter: chofmann, Unassigned)


(Depends on 2 open bugs)


(Keywords: meta)

right now scheduled for post firefox 1.0
Depends on: 239036
Adding the bugs on full keyboard access and the recognising the system download
folder. Also fixing the operating system - "Windows XP" indeed!
Depends on: 187508, 239099
OS: Windows XP → MacOS X
Adding Bug 238954 (Cmd+Period for Stop) and Bug 204636 (Cmd+M for Minimize) to
the list.

Depends on: 204636, 238954
Depends on: 222364, 236343, 253693, 271554
per roadmap: 1.1
Depends on: 34572
No longer depends on: 239036
Keywords: meta
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox1.1
See the Mac forum thread about the subject:

-> What's lacking in Firefox to make it a "real Mac application"?

The following bugs reflect most issues that were raised in the thread and are
not included in the current list:

Bug 106400 - [RFE]Integrate Mozilla's Security systems with the Mac OS Keychain
as appropriate
Bug 125995 - Proxy: Take settings from Network Preferences [Mac OS X]
Bug 135268 - [RFE] Support OSX services
Bug 175279 - Use nsITheme with HTML form controls on Mac OS X (native-style form
Bug 222686 - MacOS X Firefox Preferences Window Meta

Depends on: 106400, 125995, 135268, 175279, 222686

bug 267227 - Window and help menus for every window.
bug 263146 - use the Cmd key instead of the Ctrl key on Mac ("accel" instead of
Depends on: baseMenuOverlay
Depends on: 263146
Nominate adding "core" product bug 261030.
(In reply to comment #6)

Done, but i prefer i firefox-specific bug, it isn't really a "core" one.
Assignee: firefox → bugs.mano
Depends on: 261030
adding bug 233712 - no drag & drop for dock icon
Depends on: 233712
Profile Migrators (ben):
bug 236300 - Safari
bug 236304 - MacIE
bug 236301 - Camino
bug 236302 - Omniweb

bug 273217 - Lots of menu items are enabled that shouldn't be when no windows
are open (firefox version of bug 261030)
Depends on: SPM, 236301, 236304, 273217
No longer depends on: 261030
Depends on: 271496, 271692
Reply to comment 9:

There are two different problems with Mac menus when no windows are open that
need to be captured here:  improperly activated menu items (bug 273217) and
improperly deactivated/broken menu items (bug 261030). For example, FF Bug
229040 is not captured in bug 273217 summary.  You may want to resummarize bug
273217 for both problems, or add the FF bugs from bug 261030 to this meta (e.g.,
bug 229040).
Depends on: 274374
Depends on: 275519
Depends on: 254225
Depends on: 278649
bug 229040 - If I have no window open and select a bookmark from the pull-down
bookmark menu, nothing happens.
Depends on: 229040
QA Contact: bugzilla
Depends on: 239218
Depends on: 220589
Depends on: 282193
Depends on: 242850
Blocks: 283506
No longer blocks: 283506
Depends on: 283506
Depends on: 215362
QA Contact: bugzilla → joshmoz
Depends on: 293737
Depends on: 294316
Depends on: 296606
Depends on: 56488
No longer depends on: 215362
No longer depends on: 56488
Depends on: 56488
Depends on: 293323
Depends on: automator
Depends on: 280163
Depends on: 237733
Added bug 280163 - .Mac sync support
bug 237733 - Applescript dictionary nonexistent/unopenable

.Mac support would be extremely useful for people using Firefox on several
machines. It would allow sharing of cookie settings, passwords (as long as no
Keychain support is here) and all kind of other settings.
Alias: macmeta
Target Milestone: Firefox1.1 → Future
Added bug #311305 -- [MacOS X] Menu rendering of bookmark toolbar folders does
not respect theme font size

Integration and themeing issue.
Depends on: 311305
Added bug #311329 -- [MacOS X] No visual drag and drop feedback for toolbar

Added bug #299185 -- Bookmark toolbar folder doesn't open when a url is dragged
and dropped
Depends on: 299185, 311329
Assignee: bugs.mano → nobody
QA Contact: joshmoz → general
No longer depends on: 311329
Sleep well, little tracker. It's not your fault they forgot to feed you; they said the same things about the hamster, and look where he ended up.
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Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
Shouldn't this be kept open, as a tracker that it is?
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