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Paris bindings for DOM Events


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In the main thread it is probably easiest to make events to parent to window object,
similarly to XHR etc.
However, I don't know how XHR works in JS components where window isn't available.

I won't touch event implementations in workers. doesn't seem to tell what happens if
GetParentObject returns null.

(Also, I don't quite understand the comments " returns the same object every time" ...
"For example, nsINode::GetParentObject returns the node's owner document".
Obviously owner document may change.)

("if your object can only be reflected into JS by creating it, not by retrieving it from somewhere" needs also some example)
If GetParentObject() returns null, then you get parented to the global of the object you're being gotten from.  To the extent that this can be a different object, you can get weird behavior across GC.  For components, returning null is fine, since there should be only one global involved.

> Obviously owner document may change.

We explicitly fix up the parenting when it changes, for nodes.  You _can_ do the same thing in other cases, but it's rather ... complicated.

> needs also some example

ImageData.  But I'll fill that out more.

I can't edit the article at the moment, unfortunately: devmo is not editable, and the import into the new wiki is corrupt (bug 775952).  Once that's sorted out, I'll update the docs with the above.
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In case this is useful to you
Though, I want probably autogenerate webidl->xpidl calls, or xpidl->webidl.

And yes, I've been über slow with this.
I need to do some smaller webidl changes first to get more familiar with it.
> Though, I want probably autogenerate webidl->xpidl calls,

Note that mccr8 is also working on something like that...
That's bug 785193. I haven't actually started writing any Python yet. I'm still experimenting with what it needs to look like. The next step is to start understanding the example class generator, as I think I'll want to use that the inject my glue code into.
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As far as I see, this is now fixed.
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