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Story - Add support for caret selection via touch


(Firefox for Metro Graveyard :: Input, defect, P2)

Windows 8.1


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(Whiteboard: feature=story u=metro_firefox_user c=content_features p=20 [selection] status=verified)


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Once bug 832957 lands, selection will have improved quite a bit. However those patches do not include caret selection support. 


1) open a page with a text area with text in it
2) tap once to set the caret location

result: the caret is positioned but there is no metro singular monocle to drag select text displayed.
Assignee: nobody → jmathies
Whiteboard: feature=work
Depends on: 851521
Depends on: 851526
Depends on: 851596
Whiteboard: feature=work → feature=work [selection]
Depends on: 851657
Summary: Add support for caret selection via touch → Story - Add support for caret selection via touch
Whiteboard: feature=work [selection] → feature=story c=firefox_app_bar_and_autocomplete u=metro_firefox_user p=8
Priority: -- → P2
Whiteboard: feature=story c=firefox_app_bar_and_autocomplete u=metro_firefox_user p=8 → feature=story c=firefox_app_bar_and_autocomplete u=metro_firefox_user p=20
Whiteboard: feature=story c=firefox_app_bar_and_autocomplete u=metro_firefox_user p=20 → feature=story c=firefox_app_bar_and_autocomplete u=metro_firefox_user p=20 [selection]
Depends on: 848594
Depends on: 842997
Depends on: 852087
Depends on: 852088
Depends on: 852089
Depends on: sel-tests
Depends on: 852121
Depends on: 852576
Alias: caret-sel
Depends on: 852619
Depends on: 834370
Depends on: 852928
Depends on: 852967
No longer depends on: 852087
No longer depends on: 834370
No longer depends on: 852088
Blocks: 831671, metrov1it4
No longer blocks: 845122
No longer depends on: 848594
No longer depends on: 851521
Depends on: 853604
Swapping out epic trackers: this was in app bar, it should be content feature related. (content text selection)
Blocks: 831565
No longer blocks: 831671
Whiteboard: feature=story c=firefox_app_bar_and_autocomplete u=metro_firefox_user p=20 [selection] → feature=story u=metro_firefox_user c=content_features p=20 [selection]
Depends on: 854070
Depends on: 854182
No longer depends on: 854182
In testing, please avoid bug 854182. I'll be looking at monocle positioning problems after the soft keyboard comes up once we figure out the right way to handle that.

I have revamped tests and some new ones as well, but those bugs don't have to block qa'ing this work.
Closed: 11 years ago
Flags: needinfo?(jbecerra)
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Juan, you might want to wait for bug 848594 too.
Depends on: 850673
Depends on: 855417
Tested on 2013-03-29 on Nightly built from
- Tested basic caret selection in text areas. When I tap on the text I get a monocle to appear, which I can drag left or right to select text.
- I still see problems associated with bug 854182, where depending on where your text area is relative to where the virtual keyboard appears the text area can be hidden.
- Caret selection and monocles are dismissed when tapping outside the text area.
- I saw both problems mentioned above bug 850673 and bug 855417.

I'm verifying the basic story, and I will follow up with the associated defects.
Flags: needinfo?(jbecerra) → in-testsuite?
Whiteboard: feature=story u=metro_firefox_user c=content_features p=20 [selection] → feature=story u=metro_firefox_user c=content_features p=20 [selection] status=verified
Depends on: 858556
Depends on: 862054
Depends on: 865369
No longer depends on: 872620
No longer depends on: 881928
No longer depends on: 881932
Depends on: 881928
Depends on: 891688
Went through the following "Story" for iteration #9 with some issues. Used the following build:

- Went through the story that has been attached without any issues
- Went through the original test case from comment 0 without any issues
- Went through the test cases added in comment 4 without any issues
- Went through the above test cases using "Filled" view without any issues

Issues found:

- Sporadic OSK when tapping inside text area's (not always appearing)
- Created Bug 891688 (issues with caret monocles not always appearing)
Depends on: 865356
Depends on: 894713
Depends on: 895243
Depends on: 895279
Depends on: 895284
Depends on: 901014
Depends on: 901019
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.2; Win64; x64; rv:26.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/26.0
Build ID: 20130808030205
Built from

Didn't work for me
Tested on windows 8 using latest nightly  for iteration-11. Followed steps provided in success scenario. When I tapped between "Write something here" I saw one monocle. I dragged to select word, the word was selected. If I one monocle cross other then the behavior is not expected.

See attached video at
Depends on: 904947
No longer depends on: 904947
Depends on: 914447
No longer depends on: 895279
No longer depends on: 865369
No longer depends on: 901014
No longer depends on: 881938
OS: Windows 8 Metro → Windows 8.1
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