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Outlook Express (OE) / Outlook parity bugs [meta]


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(Depends on 29 open bugs)


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Outlook Express/Outlook Parity

The goal of this bug is to track what Outlook or OE can do that we cannot; this is more of an implementation back-end tracker than front end.

Address book bugs:
bug 13595 - Birthday fields
bug 20304 - Export as vcard
bug 40301 - Nested list
bug 75711 - Tag/group cards
bug 86405 - Editable LDAP address books
bug 118665 - Multiple email addresses/etc. per card
bug 239784 - ActiveSync support
bug 273165 - Rich text/attachment in cards

Message storage bugs:
bug 57898 - Multiple sort levels
bug 59277 - Secured storage
bug 93094 - Archive mail

Filter bugs:
bug 11034 - Bounce, autoreply
bug 11039 - Filter on outgoing messages
bug 59365 - Filters should have triggers
bug 77017 - Import filters from OE/Outlook

News bugs:
bug 20417 - Support X-Face header
bug 37775 - Support description of newsgroups
bug 60981 - Support combine & decode
bug 148744 - Show replies to my postings

Other bugs:
bug 21210 - Reply with template
bug 65111 - Delete whole thread when collapsed
bug 73567 - Ability to select from multiple signatures
bug 269541 - Queue email messages
Off by one digit, it should be bug 59377...
Depends on: 59377
No longer depends on: 59277
bug 60981 - Support combine & decode
Actually Outlook Express supports this for both newsgroups and email. For newsgroups it's accessible through the shortcut (right click) menu. For regular email it is only accessible through the top menu.

OE also provides the opposite function of breaking a message into parts. This is a server configuration setting: Tools->Accounts->email account->Properties->Advanced. This setting really should be more accessible so it can be turned off and on on the fly.
another similar meta? (no express though ..)
bug 370090
I would rather distance myself from bug 370090, as that seems (as mkmelin points out) to be more of a personal "these features annoy me" bug than something indicating true lack of features. Yes, I did see that bug when I searched before creating this one, but I decided against using that one for the aforementioned reason.
Keywords: meta
I think you should add this bug to the list: 
Bug 318600 -  Means to apply background color (highlight) to a selection in an HTML composition

This is an Outlook Feature, as it is said here:
Depends on: 340405
No longer depends on: 65111
Outlook express nor Outlook can edit LDAP address book.
Not interested by comment 5?

I got another one to add:  Bug 274628 -  Preference to close message window on delete instead of loading next message. I can confirm it works in outlook 2003.
This one should be added too:

 Bug 119459 -  Option to add a photo/image/picture to each entry of the addressbook
Depends on: 513650
Depends on: 318600, 533545
Summary: Outlook Express/Outlook parity bugs → Outlook Express (OE) / Outlook parity bugs [meta]
Depends on: 131566
Depends on: 77811, 405832, 387869
Depends on: 1361658
Depends on: sendinbackground
Depends on: 159967
Depends on: 242561
Depends on: 59335
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