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Key "Thunderbird in the enterprise" bugs [meta]


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(Depends on 48 open bugs, )


(Keywords: meta, Whiteboard: see criteria for blocking in comment 1)

This meta bug is to track key "Thunderbird in the enterprise" bugs.  Bugs which are *especially relevant* and important to enterprises should be made to block this bug, so that people who are interested in enterprise issues can track and locate them via this meta bug.  Blocking bugs can be from any component in bugzilla, not just from Thunderbird and MailNews Core.  For example, bugs that affect deployment of Thunderbird *in the enterprise* would be appropriate to block this bug.

This is not a discussion or implementation bug. Therefore (in general) it is not appropriate to comment in this bug. Please file bugs on individual problems and ideas, and discuss in appropriate forums, some of which may be listed on

(Note: If you have a large collection of bugs that are themselves highly related to each other, rather than make them all block this bug, you might make them block a new meta bug, and set the new meta to block this bug)
Depends on: 558653
Depends on: 564256
Depends on: 547119
Depends on: 250878
After discussion with wise wada, the following clarifies comment 0, in particular the meaning of "especially relevant"...

The goal here is not to encompass *all* bugs of interest to enterprises, because that is literally thousands of bugs from a huge range of functionality, some of which impact a tiny number of enterprises. Rather, the goal here is to identify "high value" bugs, i.e. "key bugs", so that enterprise users can track the progress and addition of these bugs via this single meta bug, and with a minimum amount of (bug)mail. 

So until modified, please use a severe, narrow definition in choosing bugs to blocks this bug, and we can relax the definition later if needed. These points may help define this narrow perspective:
 1) We avoid listing large numbers of bugs that are otherwise easily queriable or identifiable using bugzilla. So for example we would generally not list all bugs from the import and migration components, bugs with "exchange" in the summary, etc. But we might pick very special, very few bugs out of that class that meet some of the criteria listed below.
 2) The bug is _not_ of equally high impact to the average user that is outside the enterprise, because by definition such a bug is high value to everyone and is therefore already important in its own right (i.e. bugs should have unique impact in the enterprise) 
 3) The bug should be "high value" in the sense that it provides significant return in user productivity, pain reduction or improvement in product management.
 4) The bug should impact a non-trivial percentage of enterprises as best as one can evaluate or guess (use your own good judgment of what constitutes non-trivial, but the minimum definition is the numbers affected should well exceed your own institution)

So, bugs that might block:
5) the bug significantly affects mail server load
6) the bug significantly impacts networked resources (as a recent example)
7) special bugs that involve preferences, installation, software update, deployment ... including those from non-Thunderbird bugzilla product categories, like Core and Toolkit 

Note, there are other ways to impact bugs that to not fit the above criteria and therefore not block this bug, but that are important to you and your institution :
8) discuss your issues, and help others in tb-enterprise [1] and other appropriate forums
9) help triage or fix bugs (or find some people in your organization who can)
10) organize meta bugs or making new ones (queries below [2]) so that bugs are more easily evaluated and more quickly addressed at a high level 
11) file well defined, well researched bugs

[2] Meta bugs
* Thunderbird and Mailnews meta bugs (~90 bugs) 
* Toolkit and Core meta bugs (~450 bugs)
Whiteboard: see criteria for blocking in comment 1
put more succinctly, bugs chosen to block 
a) should be common to many/most enterprises
b) should affect enterprises more severely than it affects the general user population
No longer depends on: 286523, 383423, 436032, 537498
No longer depends on: 532323
Depends on: sieve
Depends on: 546889
Depends on: 378425
Depends on: 542705
Depends on: 207156
Depends on: 619718
Depends on: Outlook2011
Blocks: 86405
Depends on: 444793
Depends on: 636306
No longer blocks: 86405
Depends on: 86405
Depends on: 658270
Depends on: 298438
Depends on: 547546
Depends on: 274624
Depends on: 259585
Depends on: 609346
Depends on: 535103
Depends on: 458454
Depends on: 672988
Depends on: 563677
Depends on: 151447
Depends on: 735347
from fx-enterprise:
bug 478189, bug 502283, bug 629296, bug 700397, bug 701457
Depends on: 478189, 502283, 629296, 700397, 701457
Depends on: 218713
Depends on: 541400
Depends on: 659355
Depends on: 769346
Depends on: 230486
Depends on: 532395
Depends on: 558528
Depends on: 787618
Depends on: 539494
Depends on: 517425
No longer depends on: 701457
Depends on: 719952
ldap bug 557932 is #7 crash on esr (and would probably be higher if more enterprises reported crashes)
Depends on: 433129, 557932
No longer depends on: 478189, 539494
Depends on: 471572
Depends on: 870348
Depends on: 917231
Depends on: 949981
Depends on: tbbigfolder
Depends on: 1209117
Depends on: 1059988
Depends on: 564102
Depends on: 288471
Depends on: 128284
Depends on: 394216
Depends on: 1336357

Sorry, not sure how to add it to the 'Depends on' field above.
Depends on: 212875
Depends on: 454568
See Also: → policies-mvp
Depends on: 1461330
Depends on: 1516741
Depends on: tb-policies
Depends on: 1565007

I think Bug 1493008 and Bug 1608610 (both now complete?), should be marked as blocking this. Those were important ones to streamlining the integration of calendar into Thunderbird, which is VERY important for "enterprise" use.

Depends on: 1497819
Depends on: 1615847
Depends on: 1642263
Depends on: 1642279
Depends on: 1644026
Depends on: 1649298
Depends on: 1653183
Depends on: 523252
No longer depends on: 128284
No longer depends on: 523252
No longer depends on: 1642279
Depends on: 847285
Depends on: tb-startupperf
Depends on: 1658890
No longer depends on: 1658890
No longer depends on: tb-startupperf
Depends on: 271405
Depends on: 1662433
Depends on: 1677554
No longer depends on: 1677554
Depends on: 457177
Depends on: 1562896
Depends on: 1681115
Depends on: 95087
Depends on: 1668833
Depends on: 451696
Depends on: 1691958
Depends on: 1663391
No longer depends on: 1691958
Depends on: 1668192
Depends on: 75711
Depends on: 1213748
Depends on: 1707801
Depends on: 1714960
Depends on: 1529943
Depends on: 1050672
Depends on: 1556261
Depends on: 1336357
Depends on: 1751600
Depends on: 1744144
Depends on: 1775077
Severity: normal → S3
No longer depends on: 1775077
Depends on: 119207
Depends on: 737884
Depends on: 1844810
See Also: → Outlook-Parity
Depends on: BusinessCard-view
Depends on: 1741519
Depends on: 353800
Depends on: vCard-export
Depends on: 21210
Depends on: inline-reply
Depends on: 337479
Depends on: 318600
Depends on: 168680
Depends on: 408114
Depends on: 1670078
Depends on: 93085
No longer depends on: 93085
Depends on: full-reply-header
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