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Automatic Translation


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I haven't heard of this for quite a long time, so are there any updates about implementing this feature and when can we expect it?
It was decided at the last meeting that the development of this feature was not plausible given the current Mozilla priorities for the required resources.  As such, it has been (probably permanently) shelved.  There has been some talk on using the Mozilla Intellego brand that we developed for a related project, but concerns about disambiguation have not been resolved.  

Unfortunately, Intellego has reached a dead-end, at least for the foreseeable future.
What's the status for this feature? We still have plenty of code and strings around, and the prefs are already broken in the panel.

Is there any plan to remove the code from tree?
No activity for a while, closing.
Feel free to reopen if you disagree.
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The machine learning team is working with some EU partners (Edinburgh University, Sheffield University, Tartu University, and Charles University) to create an on-device translation engine, see [].

However, as a first step we are creating a server based engine that's using the current code, see []. So for us it'd be extremely useful if this code stays around for a bit longer as we're currently using it to get our head around our future work.

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