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[meta] Web Console output work


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(Depends on 9 open bugs, Blocks 1 open bug, )


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We want to be able to fix bug 706755 and bug 775607. We want to make it easier to add new message types and to customize the existing messages in the Web Console output. Since the last output rewrite in bug 605621, the output implementation has become harder to manage and easy to break (prone to regressions).

A rewrite is in order with the aforementioned goals. We also need to make sure that we improve message filtering performance and that we make it less confusing how filtering, categories and severities work.

This bug will only change the implementation while keeping user experience changes to a minimum. We need to be able to easily track potential regressions. The rest of the work will happen in separate bugs.

Other related bugs: bug 628019, bug 637604 and 617698.
I think this bug relates to bug 673891.
Ohzeki: you are correct. Thanks for your find! I missed that bug.

What I am working on will allow easy lookup of nodes within a message, but instead of using XBL, messages will be represented by JS objects.
Alias: console-output
Depends on: 800510
Depends on: 801067
Depends on: 584733
Blocks: 588010
Depends on: 632543
Depends on: 653710
Depends on: 666723
Depends on: 674422
Depends on: 682033
Depends on: 685813
Depends on: 773291
Depends on: 746872
Depends on: 628019
Depends on: 792633
Depends on: 581352
Depends on: 592523
Blocks: 704110
Blocks: 690715
Blocks: 826078
Depends on: 725771
Depends on: 835951
Depends on: 720180
Depends on: 837774
Depends on: 643135
Depends on: 843004
Depends on: 814497
Depends on: 844637
Depends on: 847303
Depends on: 705921
Depends on: 793996
Depends on: 639800
Depends on: 655700
Depends on: 660197
Depends on: 663370
Depends on: 675487
Depends on: 684096
Depends on: 859841
Depends on: 712553
Blocks: 760876
Depends on: 704252
Depends on: 746871
Depends on: 746870
Depends on: 760824
Depends on: 755534
Blocks: 722267
Depends on: 790309
Depends on: 724224
Depends on: 762321
Depends on: 776939
Depends on: 696385
Blocks: 864934
Blocks: 865288
Blocks: 865694
Blocks: 865708
We have started work on fixing this bug. Actual patches will be submitted in specific bugs.

The plan is here:

Feedback is welcome. Thank you!
Summary: Web Console output rewrite → [meta] Web Console output rewrite
Blocks: 867182
Blocks: 872060
Depends on: 874591
Blocks: 755555
Depends on: 879310
Depends on: 880861
Blocks: 884059
Blocks: 886157
No longer depends on: 724224
Blocks: 675487
No longer depends on: 675487
Blocks: 628019
No longer depends on: 628019
Blocks: 773291
No longer depends on: 773291
No longer depends on: 844637
Depends on: 878519
Blocks: 874591
No longer depends on: 874591
Blocks: 903676
Depends on: 870487
No longer depends on: 870487
Blocks: 899753
Depends on: 909750
Depends on: 909754
Depends on: 909756
Blocks: 914108
Depends on: 920116
Depends on: 923281
Depends on: 757866
Duplicate of this bug: 922758
Depends on: 944048
Blocks: 584733
No longer depends on: 584733
Depends on: 972530
Depends on: 973370
No longer depends on: 757866
No longer depends on: 682033
Depends on: 982456
Depends on: 983473
Depends on: 977586
Depends on: 987920
Depends on: 976715
Depends on: 948878
Depends on: 1004752
Blocks: 1005724
Depends on: 1021337
Depends on: 1021925
aiui, most of the important stuff has been taken care of. Do we still want to complete the remaining dependent bugs or can we close this meta bug and consider it "completed"?
Whiteboard: [status:inflight]
(In reply to Rob Campbell [:rc] (:robcee) from comment #5)
> aiui, most of the important stuff has been taken care of. Do we still want
> to complete the remaining dependent bugs or can we close this meta bug and
> consider it "completed"?

Indeed, the most important bugs are fixed. However this meta bug continues to be useful for me, to keep track of console output work. Maybe rename the bug?
Summary: [meta] Web Console output rewrite → [meta] Web Console output work
Assignee: mihai.sucan → nobody
Depends on: 1102797
Depends on: 905978
Depends on: 1255311
Priority: P1 → P3
Product: Firefox → DevTools
This was about old console, we can close this
Closed: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → INVALID
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