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Implement Reader Mode for phone UI


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(Keywords: meta, uiwanted, Whiteboard: ux feature)

We should design and implement a reading mode in the mobile browser.

At the basic end, this could just be a way to pull content out of bad-for-reading pages into something more purpose-built for reading. At the more sophisticated end of the spectrum, it could be a replacement for dealing with a site's own nav system.
Assignee: madhava → padamczyk
OS: Mac OS X → Android
Priority: P4 → P3
Hardware: x86 → Other
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 14
Keywords: uiwanted
Whiteboard: ux feature
(In reply to Patryk Adamczyk (UX) from comment #1)
> Design Concepts can be found here:

This is a great overview of the feature. I think a hard problem we'll need to figure out to get this working well is:

* What rules do we use to "modify" a webpage to make it work in reading mode?

Each page will have content and images in a different layout. Trying to figure out what is content and what is cruft will be a challenge. Trying to figure out what images are relevant to the text content and which are ads (or other) will be hard too.

We could make some "add-ons" for specific websites, but that won't scale very well. We could have some fallback rules that work in general, but might not work very well.
Severity: normal → enhancement
Priority: P3 → --
Here is a link ( on to article publishing guidelines which could be a good start on setting rules for what gets converted into a more readable format. Its using the hNews spec.
Assignee: padamczyk → nobody
To extract the text content from web sites, my "Reading List" add-on for XUL Fennec uses code from the original Readability bookmarklet, which was released under the Apache 2.0 license.
Turning this bug into a meta bug.
Summary: Create a reading mode for the phone browser → Implement Reader Mode for phone UI
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It took me far too long to work out how to use this feature. Is there any chance we can get a popup or open a page that explains these pages are added to the bookmarks?
Paul, what were the pain points for you?
Just figuring out how to find the reader and read things via it. It's not a very intuitive experience for me. The last place I looked was where I found it (bookmarks). I would've been nice if something said "Items added to your reading list can be found in a more reading friendly format via your bookmarks". Also you should be able to remove and/or save reading position of things via the about:reader UI.
Yep, these are all things in the pipeline that are coming soon

* Exposing the reading list more clearly to the user
* Next / Prev controls for Navigating through articles in the reading list 
* Removing items from the list

Stay tuned :)
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Is there anyway to hide the icon in the URL bar?
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Perhaps a comment here about "hey, look what they (iOS developers) are doing over there" would not be appreciated here. But responses from Fennec developers on the recent Reddit IAmA ( have emboldened me to make this recommendation:

I cannot emphasize enough how sublime Tweetbot's "reader mode" and offline reading features are, although it capitalizes on integration with third-party services like Instapaper (a Fennec feature request in itself). No other iOS app I know of, with the possible exception of Reeder by Silvio Rizzi, even comes close. Tweetbot's mobile/offline reading workflow is very, very worthy of emulating in Fennec.

If you've never used Tweetbot (or Reader), please consider borrowing a friend's iPhone and having a look at the long-press functionality (see also bug #769374) and the mobilizer "switch" in the toolbar of the baked-in browser.
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This doesn't still need sec-review now does it? I think this bug can be resolved.
(In reply to Aaron Train [:aaronmt] from comment #12)
> This doesn't still need sec-review now does it? I think this bug can be
> resolved.

No, this has been done: see bug 785077.
Flags: sec-review?(mgoodwin) → sec-review+
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This bug was done for Firefox 14.
Closed: 11 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Product: Firefox for Android → Firefox for Android Graveyard
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