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Tracker for Thunderbird Accessibility


(Thunderbird :: General, defect)

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(Not tracked)



(Reporter: davidb, Unassigned)


(Depends on 15 open bugs, )


(Keywords: access, meta)

Used for tracking Thunderbird accessibility related bugs.
No longer depends on: 368351
Alias: tbirda11y
Depends on: 370663
Depends on: 387838
Depends on: 387843
Depends on: 387925
Depends on: 396930
one might also use the following query
"navigat" makes it somewhat expansive.
Depends on: 452595
Depends on: 449560
No longer depends on: 449560
Depends on: 449560
You may wish to add the following bug to the "Depends on..." list:
Bug 462002 -  [de] Invalid accesskeys in Thunderbird 'Einstellungen' dialogue

This meta bug would be easier for people to find (and thus help to avoid duplicates) if you changed its description to the following:

(tbirda11y) Tracker for Thunderbird Accessibility (Meta, Keyboard)
We shouldn't add bugs which only occur in localized builds here. Those are easy to fix and don't raise major a11y issues like all the other depending bugs. We should really leave it to core issues.
No longer depends on: 462002
Assignee: david.bolter → nobody
Depends on: 478739
Depends on: 473901
Depends on: 609954
Assigning to Blake Winton because he is begging for more work ;)
Assignee: nobody → bwinton
Depends on: 425025
Depends on: 637256
Depends on: tbattacha11y
Depends on: 648489
Depends on: 670931
Depends on: 673076
Depends on: 674462
Depends on: 674463
Depends on: 674180
Depends on: 677485
Depends on: 404955
Unassigning from Blake Winton because he has more then enough work.  ;)
Assignee: bwinton → nobody
Depends on: 745746
Depends on: tbird3access
Depends on: 862238
Target Milestone: Thunderbird 3 → ---
Depends on: 1466550

This bug isn't well maintained, and we have access keyword and an accessibility component so I think this bug is no longer useful. And any bugs affecting Thunderbird but not in the Thunderbird product should be made to block Thunderbird bugs.

Closed: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → INVALID
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