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make Cocoa widgets default for all products on trunk


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This bug is for tracking what needs to be done in order to turn on Cocoa widgets on the trunk.

If you want to know why we're doing this, read this:
Depends on: 325336
Depends on: 301791
*** Bug 111230 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Blocks: 323934
Depends on: 330581, 330585, 330586, 330587
No longer depends on: 111230
Depends on: 330594
Depends on: 331349
Depends on: 332915
Depends on: 332912
Depends on: 332913, 332914
Depends on: 332917
Depends on: 332949
No longer depends on: 332912
Depends on: 333635
Depends on: 334551
No longer depends on: 299228
Depends on: 335006
No longer depends on: 332913, 332914
No longer depends on: 332915
No longer depends on: 301791
Depends on: 337481
No longer depends on: 337481
No longer depends on: 332949
Depends on: 343033
Depends on: 339495, 346085, 346310, 346883
Blocks: 348059
I think this is all we need.
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make cocoa default, v1.0

Yeah, that's it.
Flags: blocking1.9+
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make cocoa default, v1.0

lets turn this on.
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Closed: 14 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
This has broken at least SeaMonkey. Cmd+l doesn't focus the URL bar any longer (I get a system beep instead), I can't D&D e-mails into other folders (the folders don't highlight, and letting go doesn't drop them in), and the context menu stops highlighting the items I'm over after a second or two (though if I click anyway the item under the cursor does get executed). Going back from "cocoa" to "mac" in my local build fixes those things for me.
Drag'n'drop is pretty much the biggest regression in Cocoa widgets right now, and I have that fixed in my own tree. The patch should make it to the trunk soon. As for the rest of the bugs, please file them individually so I can fix them.
Ok, so I get why we want to switch to cocoa, but why not wait with switching the default until you've fixed the bugs you're aware of?
they're being fixed quickly -- it is the trunk... there are bound to be bugs.  We need a wider set of people testing these builds to find issues we _don't_ know about so that we can turn cocoa-cairo on asap.
I guess I feel you could've waited till some of the more blatant bugs were fixed, but I agree with your strategy to get this out there so we can flush out the bugs we don't know about.

Is there a bug for the D&D issue?
Bug 332913 is drag'n'drop. I have a patch for it but I want the Cocoa clipboard to land first.
Alias: cocoa
Depends on: 355817
Depends on: 355815
No longer depends on: 355815
No longer blocks: 355352
Depends on: 355352
Depends on: 354954, 354958, 355797, 355800, 355802
Depends on: 356314
Depends on: 356742
Depends on: 357253
Depends on: 357475
Depends on: 358379
Depends on: 358435
Depends on: 357417
Depends on: 357540
Depends on: 358607
Depends on: 358446
No longer depends on: 358444
Depends on: 358382
Depends on: 359543
Blocks: 360948
Depends on: 361240
Depends on: 362606
Depends on: 350225
Depends on: 362798
Depends on: 362894
Depends on: 363030
Depends on: 355631
Depends on: 363574
Blocks: 330734
Depends on: 367260
Depends on: 367264
Depends on: 340585
Depends on: 367303
Depends on: 339945
Depends on: 367528
Blocks: 39192
Depends on: 368911
Depends on: 368077
Depends on: 369767
Depends on: 377506
Depends on: 384097
Depends on: 385506
Depends on: 383579
No longer depends on: 385506
Depends on: 357535
Depends on: 397348
Depends on: 382138
Depends on: 404283
Depends on: 404433
Depends on: 410689
Depends on: 419205
Product: Core → Firefox Build System
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