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Track Thunderbird hardware acceleration (HWA) issues to be resolved [meta]


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User Story

==Problem reports and references==

** queries **
* product=Thunderbird query for bugs created after 2013-12-13 (not crash specific)  (unclear whether all are HWA related)

in approximate chronological order within groups

** visual/behavioral/battery: v31  ZoomText/xFont accessability issue (2014-07-24) v31?  Blurry display                    (2014-09-23) v31  "EVGA PrecisionX 16 v5.2.0" is being superimposed over all tabs v31  black menu box  (2014-12-23) v31  black menu box  (2015-01-15) (same user as above) v31  ZoomText/xFont accessability issue v31  EVGA GTX 780 ti sc acx sli v31  fuzzy text  intel 2014 driver/NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2015 driver v31  black menu box AMD Radeon (same user as above?)

v38... v38 freezing after nvidia updates (3 users) NVIDIA GT 555M, GT 555M, GeForce GT 640M. v38  hangs on new mail (multiple users) v38  hangs on new mail notification v38  fuzzy v38?  "crashes" v38  computer freezes as soon as I start Thunderbird, or get new messages - related to new message notification (unknown video) v38  getting new mail (unknown video) v38  windows 10 very recent driver
2-3 users: billko, JJ, v38  NVIDIA v38  header/tabs/button area became black, must move window to force it to be redrawn v38  with lightning (v37? is OK) BernG v38  mouse activation area was no longer matching with the cursor's locationsha256 v38  graphics glitches v38  Hardware acceleration causing alignment issues in TB 38+ 38.1.0  crashing accessing messages	mozilla::layers::CompositorD3D11::EndFrame/dxgi.dll v38  windows freezes/lock up (not a Thunderbird, but HWA does trigger it)  Black bar on bottom of child window, top menu partially missing (AMD GPU) - Hardware acceleration may cause message compose window to lag severely (in unknown circumstances)  UI is rendered vertically offset and unusable in Windows 7  typing in compose characters do not display. NVIDIA Quadro 2000M 10/2013 driver  messages show all black until scrolled, invisible items in message/folder lists, text not displayed when typing  NVIDIA GT 325M  not displaying email content (for a user who did not report this topic)  38.1 cursor position is incorrect  Font problems after upgrade  v38  blanks and blacks Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000 driver: 1-29-2014 GPU 2 NVIDIA Quadro 2000M 2-4-2015  v38  hangs on new mail  v38  sluggish, hangs computer after new mail notification

** video reset issues, potential: v31  2 second delay while nothing happens, followed by a blank white screen for 5-6 seconds, then Thunderbird opens. v31  (same issue different user) v31  menus do not populate with text (black menu box), or sporadically do so after delay of 15 - 30 seconds. Intel/NVIDIA (unkonwn which driver is involved) v38 Why does Thunderbird freeze my computer after 

** crashes: v31  v31  nvapi.dll (note - so far there are NO v38 crashes containing nvapi.dll) v31  linux crashes when clicking on link in email. v31  Crashing when sending email - in igd10umd32.dll Intel graphics driver v38.1 XP crash (and crash submission fails) v38
+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1131879 +++
+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #950133 +++

This bug is to track Thunderbird HWA issues to resolution - whether it's a THunderbird or graphics fix, driver fault, blocklist, etc - so that HWA can potentially be reenabled in Thunderbird. (version 45??)  A parallel question, still unanswered, is what current or future Thunderbird function(s) have a visible, measureable benefit from hardware acceleration?

No single person can possibly address all these issues - tracking will facilitate getting more people involved in helping with these bugs, and help ensure sure no issues get missed
Depends on: 1188862
Depends on: 1188839
Depends on: 1095928
Depends on: 1185218
Depends on: 1224815
Depends on: 1187170
Depends on: 1160165
Depends on: 1325854
Depends on: 1116885
Alias: tb-hwa
Depends on: 1185386
Depends on: 1189782
Depends on: 1182829
Depends on: 1115170
Depends on: 1243370
Depends on: 1105732
Depends on: 1392638
Depends on: 1267662
Depends on: 1358471
See Also: → 1623265
Depends on: 1689845
Depends on: 1676599
Depends on: 1685839, 1679395, 1678930
No longer depends on: 1689845
See Also: → 1689845
Severity: normal → S3

There are still issues, but the bulk is gone, and webrender is now the primary graphics platform. So we can close this.

Closed: 27 days ago
Resolution: --- → INVALID
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