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Please add reviews/ratings to the marketplace pages.  We talked about having little sparklines and stuff - this isn't that.  This is essentially just getting the feature on the site with a lot of the design and implementation up to your discretion.  These are the notes I sent out:


High level goals:
- People are trying to find awesome apps

Secondary goal (not in first design):
- People should be able to share their reviews with others (via facebook, etc.)

- Q: How are we showing ratings/reviews?
- A: Thumbs up/down.

- Q: Where are ratings/reviews revealed?
- A: On the detail page: a reasonable number of reviews.  AJAX or a separate "show all reviews" page is fine - developers discretion.  On the search page, only when sorted by rating.  A developer will need to look into whether we can apply our star sorting algorithm to this or not.  Showing on the page can just be "4 thumbs up in the past week." That may also change after some research but is a start.

- Q: What is the user flow to interact with the ratings?
- A: This is about adding/deleting.  Interaction is the same as AMO for now.  Just prettified CRUD.  Don't worry about sharing reviews.

- Q: What is the look and feel of the areas that show reviews?
- A: Since this is a simple addition it can mirror the AMO site in general feel but use the marketplace's style.  Again, developers discretion is in play.

- Q: Can developers reply to reviews for their apps?
- A: Yes, in the same manner as AMO.  A single reply from the dev, shown threaded.

- Q: Can developers reply to a review multiple times?
- A: Yes, but a new review will replace their old one.  This is unclear how to show this effectively to the user and can be something we can just tell the user when they review (eg. "This will replace your previous review of this app.").  The idea may change once Diane finishes her research and testing.

- Q: What are the timelines/deliverables?
- A: Cvan expressed interest in the reviews/ratings so we volunteered him to have this usable by next Friday (April 27).  From there Diane will do her research studies based on his designs and on May 4th we'll all get together to talk about the research and whether we should do any further changes to the feature.
Blocks: 746755
Target Milestone: 6.5.2 → 6.5.4
Priority: -- → P1
Target Milestone: 2012-05-10 → 2012-05-17
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Component: Public Pages → Consumer Pages
Product: → Marketplace
QA Contact: web-ui → consumer-pages
Version: unspecified → 1.0
Assignee: nobody → cvan
Target Milestone: 2012-05-17 → 2012-05-24
Target Milestone: 2012-05-24 → 2012-05-31
I think we can resume ratings/reviews this week.
Target Milestone: 2012-05-31 → 2012-06-07
Target Milestone: 2012-06-07 → 2012-06-21
Summary: [marketplace] add reviews/ratings → [tracking] add reviews/ratings
Blocks: 766199
Priority: P1 → P3
Depends on: 767128
Kevin's volunteered to work on the polish bugs for reviews :)
Assignee: cvan → ngoke
Target Milestone: 2012-06-21 → 2012-07-12
Target Milestone: 2012-07-12 → 2012-07-26
Depends on: 776540
Depends on: 776887
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Depends on: 777353
Depends on: 777567
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No longer depends on: 777587
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closing tracker.  Thanks everyone!
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