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[META] Privacy Control



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User Story

As a user I want to fully control what data stored on the phone is shared with the outside world. 
As a user, I feel a bit lost in today’s world of “ubiquitous big brother” and would welcome a bit of personalized advice.
At least I would like to know which apps and services use my private data, when and how they do so;
As a user I  want to check and configure all my privacy relevant features and settings from one comfortable and easy-to-use place/app.
As a auser I expect my “privacy aware device” to come with privacy settings set in a way to best protect me according to the suppliers/makers/providers privacy policy. 
I want to be able to choose these presettings and still do some changes according to my personal preferences.
This is a system level app that will be developed by one of the partner telcos: DT. It is an app that serves the purpose of educating and empowering the users when it comes to privacy settings. It combines all of the existing privacy settings along with some new features.
Blocks: 1057676
Blocks: 1007643
Blocks: 957977
Blocks: 1060169
No longer blocks: 1060169
Depends on: 1060169
Depends on: 1060170
Depends on: 1060172
Depends on: 1060173
Depends on: 1060174
Depends on: 1060177
Depends on: 1060178
Depends on: 1060181
Summary: [TRACKING] Privacy Panel → [META] Privacy Panel
Keywords: privacy
OS: Linux → Gonk (Firefox OS)
Hardware: x86_64 → ARM
Hardware: ARM → All
Depends on: 1062607
Depends on: 1063610
Depends on: 1068017
Depends on: 1068044
Depends on: 1068601
Blocks: 1069915
Blocks: 1071042
Depends on: 1073419
Depends on: 1083953
Depends on: 1088565
Depends on: 1105304
Depends on: 1105328
Alias: Privacy_Panel
Depends on: 1118003
Depends on: 1120164
Depends on: 1120726
Depends on: 1121212
Depends on: 1121232
Depends on: 1121250
Blocks: Privacy
Depends on: 1121789
Depends on: 1122298
Depends on: 1122688
Depends on: 1124867
Depends on: 1105280
Depends on: 1112131
QA Whiteboard: [COM=Privacy Panel][2.2-feature-qa+]
Depends on: 1132377
Test cases are listed here.
Flags: in-moztrap+
Depends on: 1134707
Depends on: 1134711
Depends on: 1136286
Depends on: 1136346
Depends on: 1136392
Depends on: 1136595
Depends on: 1137083
No longer depends on: 1122298
Depends on: 1135972
Depends on: 1139813
Depends on: 1122298
Depends on: 1141472
Depends on: 1134448
Depends on: 1139735
Alias: Privacy_Panel → Privacy_Control
Summary: [META] Privacy Panel → [META] Privacy Control
Depends on: 1136321
Depends on: 1150817
Depends on: 1156688
Firefox OS is not being worked on
Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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