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Bugs that annoy Internet Explorer users switching to Mozilla (IE parity)


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(Reporter: ajhoskinguk, Assigned: ajhoskinguk)


(Depends on 18 open bugs)


(Keywords: meta)

This is a tracking bug to track bugs that until fixed annoy IE who are just 
starting top use Mozilla.
Shouldn't the dependencies be the other way around, ie. this bug being blocked
by the other bugs?
Assignee: chofmann → ajhoskinguk
No longer blocks: 3341, 48926, 61710, 64371, 70156, 103090
Depends on: 3341, 48926, 61710, 64371, 70156, 103090
QA Contact: chofmann → ajhoskinguk
Blocks: advocacybugs
I just don't know what does it matter bug 61710 to IE users.
Summary: Bug that anoy IE users switching to Mozilla → Bugs that annoy IE users switching to Mozilla
Keywords: meta
I nominate bug 164218 (duped to bug 56765), and slow scrolling issues.
IE whips Mozilla at bug 19437, bug 75915, bug 124608, and bug 106708.
Depends on: 21762
Depends on: scrollbar-colors
Adding something that could typing, and especially correcting, URLs much easier
bug 165472.
Depends on: 165427
Depends on: 165472
No longer depends on: 165427
Depends on: 98546
No longer depends on: 165472
Not sure of spme tech evangelism bugs should be in this bug not sure I was
thinking only the very worst or ones that reduce functionality in Mozilla.
Depends on: 23679, 35159
Adding NTLM authentication bugs (23679, 35159)
Depends on: 61188, 74241, 105672, 166518
There seems to be a looooooot of bugs that annoy IE-users ;-)
Adding bug 47475 (Need "show-image" item on right-click menu) - this is really
annoying bug. But I would prompt to remove bug 74241 - it's a bad idea.
Depends on: 47475
Adding bug 113591, when using IE in offline-mode i can easily see just by
hovering links that they are not availabe (mouse pointer change), and if I click
on one thats its not i get prompted if I want to connect.

Nothing of the above happends in Mozilla.
Depends on: 113591
I wonder if this bug is morphing from _annoy_ IE users, to _identical_ to IE.

For instance, bug 166518 is hardly "annoying".
--> bug 166518: ToolTips should animate and not appear on the screen

Before this bug gets too carried away, maybe we should consider tightening the
focus a bit. :-\

There must be some other bug or keyword to track IE parity features (but not
necessarily "annoying"). Kind of like KW = "4xp".
Depends on: 94529
Depends on: 75915, 106708, 124608
This isnt about Making Mozilla IE if it was maybe bug 51015 would be in the 
Depends on: 19437, 114962
Blocks: 169476
Bug 72493 (I hope mail/OE bugs are OK here): Need ability to sort threads.
Depends on: 72493
Depends on: 170272
Bug 15322: Movement of toolbars
Bug 170655: Small icons in toolbar
Depends on: 15322, 170655
Depends on: dynamicfonts
Removing dupes
Depends on: 63712
No longer depends on: 94529, 113874
I believe we should spend more attention to this bug since this will help
Mozilla/NN on the browser gain more attention from people and market share.
Depends on: 89404
No longer depends on: 166061
Had to ad this one First time I open Mozilla I had Take a pill to calm down!!
No longer blocks: advocacybugs
Depends on: 32218
Depends on: 30431
Depends on: 86455
No longer depends on: 170655
Removed bug 61710, would be a good idea maybe when toolbar customisation 
comes, but nothing to do with IE, unless you have power tools for IE 5.
No longer depends on: 61710
I think the IE 5 "power tools" button whas why it was there
Depends on: shy
No longer depends on: 64371, 144593
Please don't remove bugs that are fixed or resolved, it shows progress made on
this bug.

The dup that was removed was good because it was duped to bug 30431, which is
already on the list.
Depends on: 144593
I was only removing bugs that have been made duplicate of worksforme
Adding bug 57607, which loads background images (they popup) when you change
tabs or scroll background image into view.
Depends on: latebg
Adding bug 211092, critical for Intranet applications.
Depends on: 211092
Depends on: 173954, 209730
Summary: Bugs that annoy IE users switching to Mozilla → Bugs that annoy Internet Explorer users switching to Mozilla (IE parity)
Depends on: 144484
No longer depends on: 209730
Depends on: 216168
Bug 58305 is a IE parity bug that has been bugging many people using CMSs for a
bug 177966 - Many people moving from OE to TB or Mozilla are complaining about
it (moving watched threads to the beggining of the list)
Depends on: 69114
In the Status Whiteboard field, "parity-ie" indicates the desired feature exists
in Internet Explorer. This bug should depend on the most annoying of parity-ie
bugs, and also other bugs such as problems with importing data from Internet
Explorer into Mozilla.

I'm not sure if this bug should also track annoyances with moving from Outlook
or Outlook Express to Mozilla Mail or Thunderbird, since none of those are
listed in the Summary and this bug is in the Browser Component. If it is
supposed to, I suggest updating the Summary accordingly.
Depends on: 21263, 58305, 59636, 66723
this bug should also depend on bug 18808 and bug 36269
Depends on: 146799
adding two bugs requested in the previous comment.
Depends on: 18808, 36269
Depends on: 186549
Depends on: 234095
could we also add bug 87098?  IE has the desired bahavior from that bug and i
miss it.
Proposing bug 56314
Adding my personal #1 webmaster's annoyance, bug 38447 (Implement Handling of
URI Values on CSS "cursor" Properties).

The #2 annoyance (Bug 77790) seems to be already added.
Depends on: 38447
Depends on: 251036
bug 87098 proposed in comment #31
bug 56314 proposed in comment #32
bug 251784
Depends on: 56314, 87098, 251784
Depends on: 252275
Depends on: 125276
No longer depends on: 234095
What about bug 232895?
tobias: added bug 232895
Depends on: 232895
Depends on: 255544
Depends on: 188448
I propose bug 257895.
Bug 204519 would be a candidate imho.
Depends on: 204519
(In reply to comment #38)
> Bug 204519 would be a candidate imho.

Depends on: 45375
Proposing bug 279246.
This bug is important for marketing in Japan.
bug 279246 added
Depends on: 279246
Just cleaning up this tracking bug. I removed all the duped bugs in which the
dupe was fixed. And removed all other resolved bugs as they no longer need
tracked since they are fixed or resolved as invalid or wont fix.
No longer blocks: 169476
re: requests from comment 43, i added bug 171349 (in lieu of bug 259634) and bug

re: kurt's massive cleanup (from comment 42) i'm not sure we gain all that much
by not tracking the bugs, any more.  isn't it nice to see all the progress we've
made with all those bugs in overstrike ;)

anyway i'm going to add back the following bugs because i think they still annoy
former IE users and this is a good place for them to find them:
bug 74241, bug 146799, bug 204519, bug 211092, bug 232895, bug 252275

for posterity, here are the remaining bug's that got nuked in kurt's massive
purge that aren't already discussed:
bug 7840, bug 18729, bug 23679, bug 30431, bug 32218, bug 35159, bug 57607, bug
58305, bug 69114, bug 72493, bug 75915, bug 89404, bug 98546, bug 103090, bug
106708, bug 111102, bug 113591, bug 114962, bug 125276, bug 144593, bug 170272,
bug 173954, bug 186549
sorry about that, though I was helping by cleaning up and making the bug easier
to follow. sorry for this comment also, just I never apologized last time.
another reason for keeping the resolved bugs on the list is that occasionally
they are re-opened ( often an unintended regression - though I guess there are
no "intended" regressions ).  or a "won't fix" becomes a "will fix" - just my 2
cents worth
added bug 187573
Depends on: 187573
Depends on: 218142
Depends on: 301611
Depends on: 301972
Changed bug 38486 in 274784.
Depends on: blazinglyfastback
No longer depends on: 38486
Since this is a "core" bug, can the title be changed from "Bugs that annoy
Internet Explorer users switching to Mozilla (IE parity)" to "Bugs that annoy
Internet Explorer, Outlook, and Outlook Express users switching to Mozilla (IE
parity)" or should another bug be opened for the mail component?

In particular, .eml handling and printing are real bugaboos.
Open another bug for Outlook.  FWIW, we already have a tracking bug for Bugs
that annoy Eudora users switching to Mozilla.
Bugzilla Bug 175787
Depends on: 266700
(In reply to comment #52)
> Bugzilla Bug 175787

This one was missed last month.
(In reply to comment #53)
> This one was missed last month.

hrm... some fairly recent bugzilla update must have made it so that only the reporter and folks with special privs can change the DEPENDS field.  i can't help, any more.  alex hosking?  you out there?
What would you have done if I was deceased?
Depends on: 175787
(In reply to comment #55)
> What would you have done if I was deceased?

We'd have less useless comments on Bugzilla.
added bug 254139
Depends on: 254139
Bugzilla Bug 137014
add "Print Frame" to frame flyout of browser context menu

Bugzilla Bug 157334
IE6 3x faster than Mozilla, concatenating two local strings
Bugzilla Bug 296471
Richer focus model like IE

Bugzilla Bug 225085
Firefox paint performance when scrolling page with flash is very slow compared to IE 6

added Bug 137014, Bug 157334, Bug 296471, and Bug 225085 as suggested by  Worcester12345.
Depends on: 137014, 157334, 225085, 296471
substituted bug 50504 for bug 19437
Depends on: 50504
No longer depends on: 19437
Bugzilla Bug 307933
JavaScript focus changes in background tabs are ignored instead of confined
Depends on: 126718
Depends on: PluginShortcuts
Bug 386871 should be added to the dependency list... 

"bad behaviour when cert's name components use different character encodings"

IE converts the string, firefox doesnt, and so one secure site in IE is shown as bad/invalid secure site in firefox
added bug 250797 "Import navigation toolbar configuration from IE".
Depends on: 250797
(In reply to comment #63)
> Bug 386871 should be added

done :)
Depends on: 386871
added bug 248352 "When migrating bookmarks from IE, preserve subfolders sort order".
Depends on: 248352
IE now allows setting the page of a new tab doesn't it? Shouldn't this be added?
Depends on: 427238
No longer depends on: 427238
Depends on: 269664
Depends on: 426082
Depends on: 193534
No longer depends on: 625615
Depends on: 398983
Depends on: 562307
Marking all tracking bugs which haven't been updated since 2014 as INCOMPLETE.
If this bug is still relevant, please reopen it and move it into a bugzilla component related to the work
being tracked. The Core: Tracking component will no longer be used.
Closed: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → INCOMPLETE
Product: Core → Core Graveyard
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