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[Settings][meta] marionette tests and panel refactor for 2.0


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(Whiteboard: [ucid:SystemPlatform30, 2.0, ft:system-platform])

We need have more marionette UI test to help make sure the rewrite of settings not break any obvious things.

The plan might be

1. write Settings 2 that can pass current integration test
2. write more Settings integration test
3. Make settings 2 pass more integration test
Is there a bug/info for the rewrite? We may also want to enhance our desktop shims so we can test additional functionality. Adding mobile/bluetooth tests for example should be possible if we enhance the shims where needed.
Arthur has a early prototype for the rewrite based on your discussion (with kaze as well).
The detail is not confirmed yet but more integration test takes no harm :)
Depends on: 959053
There's 14 uitests in gaia/tests/python/gaia-ui-tests/gaiatest/tests/functional/settings already covered bluetooth, wifi, display (wallpaper), do not track...,

so please check if js integration test cover the python version as well.
We're taking new approach which is backward compatible to current panels
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Blocks: 969264
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We'll remove bugs that categorized in after 1.4 bug 968694 and for 1.4 bug 969265
typo 968694, should be bug 969264
No longer depends on: 957100
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No longer depends on: 968682
No longer depends on: 968619, 968670, 968672, 968673, 968674, 968678, 968686, 968692, 968699
No longer blocks: 969265
Depends on: 969265
No longer blocks: 969264
Depends on: 969264
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Blocks: 969264
No longer blocks: 964180
Depends on: 964180
No longer depends on: 969264
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Assignee: nobody → gasolin
Summary: [Settings][meta] more marionette tests coverage → [Settings][meta] marionette tests and panel refactor for 1.5
Depends on: 973440
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Whiteboard: [ft:system-platform]
Whiteboard: [ft:system-platform] → [ucid:SystemPlatform30, 1.5, ft:system-platform]
Depends on: 973456
Depends on: 993318
We've some tech discussion about 1.5 Goal for settings. We decide to start from **improving settings app load time**.  Will start investigate how to separate this goal to workable tasks.

For the record, in datazilla current settings app load time is 1728.7ms
Evan, could you help addressing marionette js test required fields under bug 956210?
Flags: needinfo?(evanxd)
Depends on: 993948
Depends on: 973454
Depends on: 994511
Hi Fred,

I will check on that in next sprint. :)
Flags: needinfo?(evanxd)
Hi Fred,

For the test case planning things, based on the experience in v1.4, I think we could let reviewer and developers to figure out this for each panel. It might be easier for us.
Summary: [Settings][meta] marionette tests and panel refactor for 1.5 → [Settings][meta] marionette tests and panel refactor for 2.0
thanks Evan, that's do it :)
Depends on: 998847
Whiteboard: [ucid:SystemPlatform30, 1.5, ft:system-platform] → [ucid:SystemPlatform30, 2.0, ft:system-platform]
Depends on: 1009390
feature-b2g: --- → 2.0
feature-b2g: 2.0 → ---
No longer depends on: 968677, 968686, 968691, 973445, 973466, 998847, 1007600
propagate rest works to bug 969264 (refactor and test works for 2.1)
Closed: 10 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Depends on: 968670, 968673, 981510
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