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[meta] Build with clang trunk


(Firefox Build System :: Source Code Analysis, enhancement, P3)



(Not tracked)


(Reporter: Sylvestre, Unassigned)


(Depends on 2 open bugs)


(Keywords: meta)

Use clang from to build firefox with --enable-warnings-as-errors to make sure we don't regress

Used to be done in bug 712350
Alias: build-clang-trunk
Product: Core → Firefox Build System
And more blockers for this?
Flags: needinfo?(sledru)
There is no blocker and it has been going fine:

But because clang gets new warnings, I was planning to keep it as a meta bug to reference potential new warnings.
Flags: needinfo?(sledru)
Depends on: 1453610
Depends on: 1453990
Depends on: 1461614
Depends on: 1466299
See Also: → build-gcc-8
Depends on: 1494603
Depends on: 1495892
Depends on: 1497330
Depends on: 1508225
Depends on: 1509926
Depends on: 1510897
Priority: -- → P3

All depending bugs are now resolved.

Depends on: 1557313
Depends on: 1557338
Depends on: 1573501
Depends on: 1577236
Depends on: 1578530
Depends on: 1580260
No longer depends on: 1578530
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