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[meta] Implement Tab Manager proposal


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This feature will make the All Tabs button always visible and add multiple controls to the menu that will allow for reloading all tabs, mute tabs, see what tabs are loaded in each window, and more.
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Just throwing my two cents in here as a Nightly user.  I don't like this proposed layout or the recent changes pushed to Nightly.  While it looks nice, it just adds extra time needed by the user to access commonly used options like "close other tabs". The "other tab options" sub-menu has been in Nightly for a few days and it's already become frustrating to use. 

If it's not encroaching height limitations to this menu on low resolution displays, I think it's better and more intuitive to just lay out the options with ordinary menu separators.
Summary: Implement Tab Manager proposal → [meta] Implement Tab Manager proposal
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Additional improvement possibly here:

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Feature request for this: somewhere, show the number of tabs the user has open. Browsers on the iPad and Chrome OS do this already. It's nice to know how many tabs you have open

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