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[meta] stylo: Reftest failures


(Core :: CSS Parsing and Computation, defect, P5)





(Reporter: shinglyu, Unassigned)


(Depends on 2 open bugs, Blocks 1 open bug)


(Keywords: meta)


(4 files, 2 obsolete files)

I went through the (stylo-vs-gecko) reftest failures and identified the following patterns:

== Things that don't work at all ==
background clip text
box-properties min/max height
media queries
input/text area/form (the input box is not rendered)
non-ascii counters
detail-summary (missing the triangle)
generated content
htmlparser (font, line number)
pixel rounding
table-anonymous-boxes (border not rendered)
table border

== Things that have some glitches (shift, pixel error) == 
vertical spacing (line height)
mathml (wrong font)
margin-collapsing (vertical scroll bar visible)

== Things that has wrong color ==
Color difference
border-image (color)
box-properties color

You can look at the actual reftest results here:<Paste>
Blocks: stylo
Bobby, do you mind taking a look at these and let me know which are known and which are new so I can file separate bugs for them?
Flags: needinfo?(bobbyholley)
The most common issue is the font is not correct, and the various input tags (<input>, <button>, <textarea>, etc.) does not render at all, fixing those will make a lot of test green.
I think Cameron is probably more familiar with our existing issues at this point.
Flags: needinfo?(bobbyholley) → needinfo?(cam)
Manish, here are some failures for you, there are more coming.
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Flags: needinfo?(manishearth)
Here are some new failures, excluding the intermittents.
Attachment #8823987 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Attached file intermittent.txt
Here are the intermittents.

The form/input/ tests and the web-animations are particular flaky.
Attached file timeout.txt
Here are some tests that tend to time-out.
Blocks: stylo-nightly
No longer blocks: stylo
Priority: -- → P1
Depends on: 1323643
Flags: needinfo?(cam)
Alias: stylo-reftest
Depends on: 1341667
Depends on: 1341668
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Attachment #8839970 - Flags: review?(bobbyholley)
Depends on: 1341690
Depends on: 1340696
Depends on: 1341086
Depends on: 1341703
Depends on: 1341705
Depends on: 1341712
Depends on: 1341719
Depends on: 1341721
Depends on: 1341724
Depends on: 1341725
Depends on: 1341728
Depends on: 1331047
Depends on: 1341739
Depends on: 1328319
Depends on: 1341758
Depends on: 1341761
Depends on: 1341763
Depends on: 1341769
Depends on: 1341648
Depends on: 1341775
Depends on: 1341781
Depends on: 1341785
Depends on: 1341802
Depends on: 1341815
Depends on: 1341973
Depends on: 1342139
Depends on: 1342186
Priority: P1 → P5
Depends on: 1342591
Depends on: 1337068
Depends on: 1321769
Depends on: 1347065
Depends on: 1349651
Depends on: 1349417
Depends on: 1349659
Here is a summary of the try run

I'll file bugs for those missing properties that is off our radar first, then try to look into the "Uninvestigated" category.


871, Input element styling missing
275, MathML font
245, Writing mode error
172, Flexbox layout is wrong
140, Table alignment
124, Transform not working
114, Not investigated, no reference image
113, Canvas not working
97, Mask not working
93, No scroll bar
88, Gradient not working
88, generated content
86, Line spacing
77, Various SVG bugs
59, Text related layout error
57, Auto-hyphenation bugs
55, detail summary not implemented
48, Border bugs
47, test images are blank
45, Color difference
37, Image element
31, Un-investigated layout error
24, Scoped style?
24, Animation not implemented
22, Pagination?
20, Values error
19, Box property bugs
17, Ruby layout wrong
15, ua-stylesheet
14, image-rect
14, Focus is not working
14, Background and border image issue
13, Web component not working
13, Text orientation is wrong
13, Text alignment is wrong
11, Webkit-gradient
11, Multiple insert/append?
11, Border image repeat is wrong
10, Web animation
10, Printing bugs(missing page etc)
9, Text color is wrong
9, Source code view missing line number
9, small cap
9, css transition not implemented
8, Display bugs
8, Box shadow bugs
8, Background color missing
7, Need marquee
7, Missing space between background patterns
6, CSS Selector not implemented
6, Bad background pattern size
5, webkit-box
5, Text justification is wrong
5, Ruby not working
5, Pixel rounding error
5, multicol not working
4, Plugin bugs
4, Media query not implemented
3, Wrong clipping
3, Import
3, Blending bugs
2, Float issues

Known Unimplemented Properties

580, Wrong font or wrong font size
297, Wrong font (Ahem)
266, grid not implemented
175, css counter not implemented
131, Image size or positioning wrong (image-orientation)
79, Shape outside not working (shape-outside)
42, Image blurred (zoom?)
18, will-change errors (will-change)
6, List style wrong (list-style-type)
5, Page breaking is wrong (break-before|after?)
initial-letter, initial-letter-align
Test case list for the previous comment.
Assignee: nobody → slyu
Assignee: slyu → nobody
Summary: [Stylo] Reftest failures → stylo: Reftest failures
My primary goal is to identify key issues that causes a lot of failures, so I might miss a few tests because I only skim through them. I also gave up on the bugs folder, they are almost all fail for different reasons.
Depends on: 1351548
Depends on: 1351724
No longer depends on: 1351548
Depends on: 1351971
Depends on: 1351973
Depends on: 1351976
Depends on: 1351978
elevate to P3 as it's time to clean them up one by one.
Priority: P5 → P3
Depends on: stylo-svg
Depends on: 1352285
Depends on: 1352291
Depends on: 1340484
Thank you for doing this analysis shing - it is incredibly helpful for prioritization!
Depends on: 1353994
Depends on: 1354000
Depends on: 1354404
No longer depends on: 1354404
Depends on: 1354406
No longer depends on: 1354406
Depends on: 1354999
Depends on: 1355003
Depends on: 1356158
Depends on: 1343030
Depends on: 1358642
Depends on: 1355402
Depends on: 1358812
Depends on: 1360424
Depends on: 1360784
Depends on: 1361045
Depends on: 1361645
Depends on: 1363961
Depends on: 1364280
Depends on: 1290276
Depends on: 1364335
Depends on: 1365162
Depends on: 1365163
Depends on: 1365165
Depends on: 1365168
Depends on: 1365510
No longer depends on: 1365510
Depends on: 1365822
No longer depends on: 1365822
Depends on: 1366144
No longer depends on: 1366144
No longer depends on: 1337655
Depends on: 1366977
No longer depends on: 1366977
Depends on: 1367301
Depends on: 1367345
Depends on: 1367636
Depends on: 1367947
Depends on: 1371194
Depends on: 1371722
No longer blocks: stylo
Depends on: 1380934
Depends on: 1383868
Priority: P3 → --
Keywords: meta
Priority: -- → P5
Summary: stylo: Reftest failures → [meta] stylo: Reftest failures
Depends on: 1388911
Depends on: 1396135
Depends on: 1396136
Depends on: 1396147
Depends on: 1396151
Depends on: 1396411
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