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(DSDS) [meta] Dual SIM Dual Stand-by for 1.4


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Meta bug to collect all user stories for 1.4 DSDS feature.
Depends on: 934404
Depends on: 937424
Depends on: 937554
Depends on: 938433
Depends on: 938430
Depends on: 938438
Depends on: 940752
Depends on: 945324
Depends on: 945325
Depends on: 965853
Depends on: 965854
update the meta to reflect the latest for DSDS 1.4
Joe, Wilfred, José delivered some design that needs additional bugs: inbox, message bubble. Can you confirm whether it is scoped for 1.4 or not?

Ref: attachment 8374263 [details] and attachment 8374261 [details]
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We went for the most basic of implementation for DSDS in v1.4 - does the items Jose delivered match to what UX guideline specified?
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Hi guys, the visuals I provided about DSDS are based on Ayman's spec. Please refer to page 6 and 7 for the cases Julien mentioned.
Yes they're totally in line with what Ayman spec-ed too. Only we didn't have bugs previously, and because of the recent schedule change, I want to ask before creating new bugs. I'm maybe a little dense here but, hey, that's how the management sees us :p
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Depends on: 938438
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Joe, Wilfred, I created Bug 976089, Bug 976090, Bug 976091, feel free to change dependencies if you think we don't commit to these bugs.
Depends on: 965854
Depends on: 978114
No longer depends on: 976089
No longer depends on: 976090
No longer depends on: 976091
Flags: needinfo?(wmathanaraj)
Depends on: 978814
Depends on: 965853
Depends on: 980208
Depends on: 982723
Depends on: 983089
Depends on: 983054
Depends on: 984475
No longer depends on: 984475
Depends on: 984882
Depends on: 984793
Depends on: 984449
Depends on: 984446
Depends on: 983411
Depends on: 982226
Depends on: 982163
Depends on: 980982
Depends on: 978300
Depends on: 983682
Depends on: 984919
Depends on: 987018
No longer depends on: 976576
No longer depends on: 978300
No longer depends on: 982723
No longer depends on: 984882
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This meta bug is not only for RIL component.
Component: RIL → General
Closed: 10 years ago
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