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[meta] DeCOMtamination tasks


(Core :: XPCOM, task, P5)





(Reporter: waterson, Unassigned)


(Depends on 12 open bugs, Blocks 1 open bug)


(Keywords: memory-footprint, meta, perf)

Meta-bug to track removal of unneeded interface layers.
Depends on: 92144, 96108, 104336, 105430
Keywords: footprint, meta, perf
Blocks: 71668, 92580
Depends on: 102453
Depends on: 92141
Depends on: 75620
Depends on: 106152
Summary: DeCOMtaminiation tasks → DeCOMtamination tasks
Depends on: 114713
Depends on: 116551
Depends on: 120818
We need to deCOMtaminate most of the content and layout DLL internals.  Bryner's
keen to do it and just the man for the job!  I'll let him file more specific
bugs tracked here.

Assignee: waterson → bryner
Here is our recent reportcard form performance analysis that we periodicially
get from In*&?...

-Great job with DeCOMtamination efforts
-Unnecessary virtual functions can cause a great deal of overhead –  a cache
line for each vtable & active object, indirection to call a function that isn’t
easily predicted and inefficiencies from get/setters and other small virtuals
that can’t be inlined due to calls through an interface
-Great job on reducing total instruction count per page load – probably 25%
improvement or more from 6.0 (but keep it up  - still ~1.5x vs IE)

Keep going on this!  We need the decomtamination of layout to happen as soon as
For anyone doing this kind of work --- after you've come up with a cleaned-up
interface, please consider appealing to drivers and super-reviewers for a
"review plus superreview in advance" blank cheque to go ahead and update all the
uses of that interface without having to get specific module owner review and
superreview for the changes.
Blocks: 203448
Assignee: bryner → nobody
QA Contact: scc → xpcom
There are currently quite a few open bugs relating to deCOM; some of them have not seen attention in years.  Here is a search that will find them (as long as the string "decom" appears in the summary ;-) -- the boolean chart is necessary to avoid a bunch of false hits.;resolution=---;negate0=1;field0-0-0=short_desc;type0-0-0=substring;value0-0-0=decomp;field0-0-1=short_desc;type0-0-1=substring;value0-0-1=decomm

I'm going to go through the list and ping all the old bugs, and I've marked all of the currently open ones as dependencies of this one, but let this also serve as a heads-up to reviewers and committers.
Alias: deCOM
Depends on: 566808
Depends on: 576794
Depends on: 575901
Depends on: 576831
Depends on: 576877
Blocks: 577002
No longer blocks: 577002
Depends on: 577002
Blocks: 577974
No longer blocks: 577974
Depends on: 577974
Depends on: 577976
Depends on: 585137
Depends on: 590390
Depends on: 595103
Depends on: 610305
Depends on: 619996
Depends on: 631464
Depends on: 635170
Depends on: 637555
Depends on: 174055
Depends on: 648925
Depends on: 655655
Depends on: 656996
Depends on: 657160
Depends on: 657210
Depends on: 660604
Depends on: 677085
Depends on: 678813
Depends on: 680417
Depends on: 682611
Depends on: 684821
Depends on: 697032
Depends on: 697475
Depends on: 734008
Depends on: 737976
Priority: -- → P5
Depends on: 864165
Depends on: 868726
Depends on: 956015
Depends on: 969035
Depends on: 969331
Depends on: 1017758
Depends on: 1293596
Depends on: 1296993
Depends on: 1299335
Depends on: 1325234
Depends on: 1007090
Depends on: 1336437
Depends on: 1378060
Depends on: 1392883
Depends on: 1176342
Depends on: 1477576
Summary: DeCOMtamination tasks → [meta] DeCOMtamination tasks
Depends on: 1550627
Depends on: 1599968
Depends on: 1721459
Type: defect → task
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