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[meta] Preferences search


(Firefox :: Settings UI, enhancement)




Firefox 56
Tracking Status
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(Reporter: Fischer, Unassigned)


(Depends on 8 open bugs, Blocks 1 open bug)


(Keywords: meta, Whiteboard: [photon-preference])

This is a meta bug to track all bugs that block the shipping of Preferences Search in Photon Preferences.
Whiteboard: [photon-preferences]
Whiteboard: [photon-preferences] → [photon-preference]
Depends on: 1353954
Depends on: 1335905
Depends on: 1349747
Depends on: 1352481
Depends on: 1351867
Depends on: 1357130
Depends on: 1340643
Depends on: 1353862
Depends on: 1356500
Thanks for the huge part of the search feature works done by Mike, Jared and the MSU students.
Since Photon Preferences plans to ship the search feature, we will join the development as well.
From now on the Photon Preferences will 
  - take on the bug 1357130 and 
  - fix follow-up bugs if reported and
  - continue the works of the bug 1349747, bug 1352481, and bug 1351867 if needed.

The below is the detail email from Mike about the current status and how to collaborate on the search works:
> On Tue, Apr 18, 2017 at 1:03 AM, Mike Conley <> wrote:
> Hey Fischer,
> Thanks for the email.
> The MSU students who have been working on this project are starting to
> wrap up now.
> There's still some work in-flight for the search feature, but I suspect
> given the remaining time (the students are "pencil's down" on April
> 27th) it's unlikely to land in time, and we'll need to do some kind of
> hand-off.
> Here are the big remaining bits:
> * Bug 1349747 - The search box in about:preferences should show search
> suggestions
> ** MSU student manotejmeka has a proof-of-concept patch posted, but (at
> our suggestion), he's using hard-coded strings for things like "stop
> words". This patch might need some re-architecture, and certainly some
> clean-up.
> * Bug 1352481 - Search should find matched strings within popups and
> subdialogs
> ** Similar to the above - manotejmeka has a proof-of-concept patch
> posted, but the code is definitely not in a state that is close to landing.
> * Bug 1351867 - Show search matches in a tooltip pointing at buttons if
> the matched text will be revealed when clicking on the button
> ** Similar to the above. I'm not sure how useful manotejmeka's
> proof-of-concept patch will be as a starting point though, as he appears
> to be doing multiple synchronous reflows when adding the tooltips.
> * Bug 1357130 - Preferences search highlight should match the spec
> ** This is one that hasn't been started yet (I just filed it), and could
> be started immediately by your team.
> There are some smaller bugs blocking bug 1353954 that will likely be
> fixed before the MSU students are done (example: bug 1340643 and bug
> 1353862).
> I should also point out that QA hasn't started to test search, as far as
> I know, so there might be some remaining functional issues that will
> need to be worked out as well that they will find.
> My advice is to start immediately on bug 1357130, and start researching
> better approaches to bug 1349747, bug 1352481, and bug 1351867. We'll
> alert you when the MSU students have completed their term (next week),
> and we can then re-assign the bugs.
Depends on: 1357352
Summary: [meta] Preferences Search → [meta] Preferences search
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 56
Depends on: 1359306
Flags: qe-verify+
QA Contact: hani.yacoub
Depends on: 1360491
No longer depends on: 1349747
No longer depends on: 1351867
No longer depends on: 1352481
Depends on: 1360524
Depends on: 1360532
Depends on: 1351867
No longer depends on: 1360532
No longer depends on: 1359306
Depends on: 1363721
Depends on: 1363726
Depends on: 1363728
Depends on: 1363762
Depends on: 1365259
Depends on: 1365503
Depends on: 1364197
Depends on: 1365847
Depends on: 1365910
Depends on: 1366214
Depends on: 1366252
Depends on: 1366754
No longer depends on: 1366754
Depends on: 1352481
No longer depends on: 1366148
Keywords: meta
Depends on: 1366992
Depends on: 1367022
Depends on: 1367035
Depends on: 1367045
Depends on: 1367349
Depends on: 1368947
Depends on: 1368957
Depends on: 1369305
Depends on: 1369640
Depends on: 1369704
Depends on: 1372583
Depends on: 1373286
Depends on: 1373655
Depends on: 1374279
Depends on: 1374280
Depends on: 1374588
Depends on: 1377845
Depends on: 1378359
Depends on: 1378364
Depends on: 1377163
Depends on: 1383456
Depends on: 1383566
Depends on: 1384566
Depends on: 1384600
Depends on: 1385218
Depends on: 1385243
Depends on: 1385902
Release Note Request (optional, but appreciated)
[Why is this notable]:New feature 
[Affects Firefox for Android]:No
[Suggested wording]: Added search function under Preferences/ Options
[Links (documentation, blog post, etc)]:N/A

[Tracking Requested - why for this release]:
relnote-firefox: --- → ?
Bug 1296904 seems like a duplicate
Bug 1373447 probably should be added as a dependency ?
Depends on: 1396585
Depends on: 1396592
Depends on: 1399856
Depends on: 1400420
The release note was already added in bug 1353954.
Depends on: 1446657
Severity: normal → S3
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