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[meta] WebRender stability


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Meta bug to track WR crashes and stability-related bugs. Right now I think this is an area of concern for WR because I'm not convinced we're getting reliable/useful information when WR crashes in the wild. I tried introducing crashes into the code locally and generally get results that I wouldn't expect (crashes in other parts of the code, or bogus stacks, or other such things).

I'm also unclear on which processes actually generate crash reports and what information is included in them. For example the WR?/WR+ annotation only shows up in the UI process crashes, and I don't think I have ever seen a WR crash report that claimed to be from the GPU process, although I have seen crash stacks in other processes for which the only explanation was a GPU process crash.

In all I feel like we need to spend some time investigating this situation and make sure the data and diagnostics we're getting are good.

One approach I've been taking (as time permits) is to do a windows try push with webrender force-enabled. This usually results in crashes left, right and center, and then takes some investigation to track down the root cause and how it propagates.
Alias: wr-stability
Depends on: 1354411
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No longer depends on: 1354411
When testing webrender I frequently experience crashes when navigating back in the history via the context menu.
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