Open Bug 1543241 (mach-busted) Opened 5 months ago Updated 2 days ago

[meta] Tracking bug for known breakage in Firefox developer tooling


(Firefox Build System :: General, defect)

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(Reporter: bholley, Unassigned)


(Depends on 14 open bugs)


(Keywords: meta)

This bug tracks breakage across our suite of in-tree tools. This includes bootstrap, the build system, and the facilities for launching and debugging Firefox. In broad strokes: if a |mach| sub-command throws an exception, it should be filed as a dependency of this bug.

This bug integrates with the |./mach busted| command, which allows quick searching and filing of dependencies. The goal is to quickly connect developers with existing discussion of their issue, including pending patches and suggested workarounds.

We should endeavor to minimize the set of open issues tracked here. If a fix is stalled, we should aim to land a temporary patch to detect the issue and fail early with suggested next steps. When a bug is filed for this kind of temporary patch, that bug should replace the original in the dependency list here, so that the issue is removed from this view once the in-tree handling lands.

Depends on: 1526476
Keywords: meta
Depends on: 1542878
Depends on: 1487552
Depends on: 1542862
See Also: → 1543246
Depends on: 1522931
Summary: Tracking bug for known breakage in Firefox developer tooling → [meta] Tracking bug for known breakage in Firefox developer tooling
Depends on: 1543982
Depends on: 1544373
Depends on: 1545860
Depends on: 1546491
Depends on: 1547847
Depends on: 1500924
Depends on: 1548401
No longer depends on: 1548401
Depends on: 1548948
Depends on: 1552120
Depends on: 1554987
Depends on: 1555212
Depends on: 1557030
Depends on: 1557157

Depends on Bug 1560826

Depends on: 1563809

I filed this Github issue on the Prettier code rebasing script not working for me:

No longer depends on: 1494851
Depends on: 1564425
Depends on: 1568258
Depends on: 1569362
Depends on: 1569943
Depends on: 1569960
Depends on: 1573585
Depends on: 1574433
Depends on: 1574451
Depends on: 1574462
Depends on: 1574797
Depends on: 1575659
Depends on: 1575959
Depends on: 1576113
Depends on: 1577908
Depends on: 1577826
Depends on: 1578198
Depends on: 1580625
Depends on: 1556413
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